25 January 2019

This 'n' That

These days, it's easy to fool ourselves into thinking that people care about our opinion about every little thing. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even blogs, has given everyone a platform. Most of the time that's okay; opinions are relatively innocuous, after all. But as Christians, we do well to remember principles such as that found in Proverbs 10:19:
When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.
I find this especially amusing on Facebook, which seems to be the forum of choice for many to wax eloquent. To these people I want to say, "Just get a blog. It's free, and then we can choose more readily whether we want to read what you have to say." Hey, that's what I did! In my opinion, posting long diatribes on Facebook is more of an attempt to boost one's ego, because you can measure your "likes" and comments and such. Oh well, to each his own, I guess!

This blog has evolved over the years. No doubt many of you have noticed that. And while I hope to be posting more than this weekly roundup in the future, overall I am exceedingly thankful for how the Lord has led this blog through such a transformation. When I first began blogging, I felt it necessary to comment on every matter of discernment I could. It was simply where God had me at the time in my own spiritual walk. Now I see the danger in such an approach and, as you've noticed, instead choose to remain silent on much. As we grow spiritually and emotionally, our gracious God gives us wisdom regarding when to speak and when to quietly step back. This may be different for everyone. Still, let us carefully consider, before we hit the "Post" or "Publish" button, whether the thoughts we are about to share are edifying, God-glorifying, and necessary.

Okay, now that I've gone on and on about how we shouldn't go on and on, I'm going to hush up and let you enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • On the glory of man and the glory of God.
  • Alright, soon-to-be college grads, here's a job for you.
  • The One World Trade Center stands as a memorial to innocent lives lost in the September 11 attacks. Sadly, this week it stood aglow in celebration of millions more innocent lives that will be sacrificed in the future.
  • I appreciated Roger Patterson's thoughts on the New York abortion bill.
  • Employers, your employees need to know that they don't have to work themselves to death for job security. 
  • No conversation hearts this year. Perhaps you'll have to get your valentine a cow-pie heart instead (sorry, I couldn't resist).
  • The original route? Like, the one that ended at the bottom of the ocean? I hope tickets are cheap.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Don't preach legalism of any kind. Ever. Please, don't. It's so incredibly damaging to the soul.
  • A bit about free will and God's grace.
  • I downloaded this app and now I'm notified whenever fresh donuts are being made. So far it's been too cold, and I've been too lazy, to actually drive over and get some, though.
...if God chooses quite another lot for you, you may be sure that He sees that you need something totally different from what you want. —Elizabeth Prentiss

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