20 July 2018

This 'n' That

So, it's 6:00 pm on Friday and I am just now writing this post. For comparison, I usually draft This 'n' That on Thursday, then make minor tweaks Friday morning before scheduling it to publish in the early afternoon. That didn't happen this week (obviously). It's just been one of those weeks, though I feel like I say (or at least think) that a lot.

About an hour ago, I tweeted out that I was still at work and the post would be late. The wonderful thing is, I work from home, so when I'm done with work, all I have to do is turn on my personal computer and start writing with no commute or crazy coworkers to come in between. I'm really thankful for that luxury, especially in times like this, but thanks for your patience nonetheless.

I had plenty of ideas for this post throughout the week, but unfortunately didn't write any of them down and have now forgotten them (getting old I guess!). No matter, because at this point, your Friday is almost gone anyway, but don't dismay! In my part of the country, this evening is filled with thunderstorms and general droopiness, so it's the perfect excuse to stay inside, curl up with a cup of tea, and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Um, no. What parent would give a toy back to their child after it had been in a landfill? This is one of those times when the kid has to learn about loss and that life's not fair. Then buy her a new stuffed animal and I guarantee she'll forget about the old one (that now inevitably is harboring disgusting bacteria).
  • Some thoughts on "respectable" sins. This goes along with the series that was posted here awhile back about not-so-acceptable "acceptable" sins.
  • Are you a Christian? Then you are an evangelist.
  • Convicting thoughts on bitterness and forgiveness.
  • I'm extremely thankful for Landon's ministry, but completely understand the need to move on when the Lord says to move on!
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • We can learn from those who have gone before us.
  • Man did not invent the gospel.
  • This is repulsive and shocking, but sadly not all that surprising considering today's world.
  • Good stuff from Dr. Vlach on Israel's land promises.
Take a saint, and put him into any condition — and he knows how to rejoice in the Lord. —Walter Cradock

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