29 September 2017

This 'n' That

Things I think about while sitting at the airport, waiting for a two hour delay:

Why does that man keep riding the moving walkway and turning around when he reaches the end? He knows he's not exercising if he's just standing there while it moves him forward, doesn't he?

I hope that child stops screaming before that family boards the plane.

Has it been two hours yet?

Why are there so many dogs here?

It's nice that they're offering us free drinks and snacks while we wait, but does it have to be Dasani water? Does anybody else suspect that Dasani is really just tap water from Detroit?

Why are the bathroom stalls so small? Did the person who designed these not grasp the concept of an airport, and not realize that most people would be squeezing into these with one or two carry-on bags?

Has it been two hours yet?

I hope that guy finishes his smelly sandwich before he gets on the plane.

I wonder where that family is returning from. Oh wait, their their matching T-shirts are announcing it: Florida.

Surely by now it has been two hours!

Sigh. When are leggings going to go out of style? Those aren't pants. They are tights, and tights were meant to be worn underneath other clothing.

I hope I remembered to pack shampoo. I hate hotel shampoo. It always smells like fake flowers or cedar.

Yes, we are boarding! I wonder why we were really delayed? 

Now that you have some not-so-exciting insight into my brain, why not get ready for the weekend by enjoying your week in review (kind of):
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  • The latest from Harvest Bible Chapel is a little strange.
  • Why do people still like Francis Chan?
  • Michelle Lesley hits the proverbial nail on its head with this article.
  • The big picture of salvation:

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