28 July 2017

This 'n' That

I'm concluding listening through a study of the book of Genesis and, I have to say, I think I am going to miss these people! I have throughly enjoyed getting to know the men and women whose lives are shared with us in this book. Yes, I've read Genesis before, many times. Yet for some reason, through this read-through and the sermons with which I was following along, the book—and its characters—truly came alive.

In Genesis we have the story of creation, perfect and unblemished in its execution. We quickly see man fall, and just as quickly see God offer the promise of a Savior, a promise and plan that was determined before the foundation of the world.

We see God's power in the waters of the flood. We see God's sovereignty on full display throughout the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We see His provision and protection in the story of Joseph. We see the sins of men, and the grace, mercy, and faithfulness of God. In Genesis, we first meet our Maker, and we see that He is powerful, just, and holy, but He is also good, faithful, and true.

The exaltation of God that is seen in Genesis is truly immense, and to think that it is only the beginning of the book! This is why we love God's Word, isn't it? It reveals to us our great and glorious King and Savior. It reminds us of our fallibility and fallenness, yes, but it also reminds us of the goodness of our God. And it proclaims for us the way to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. How gracious was God to give us this book? How dare we ever imply it is insufficient! How dare we question its authority! How dare we question its inerrancy and authenticity! May we instead thank our Lord for giving us such a clear proclamation of His ways, His will, and His wonders.

Well, the links below won't be nearly as edifying as an excursion through Genesis, but I hope you still enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • I posted this on social media yesterday for Throwback Thursday. It's still one of my favorites.
  •   Great thoughts on why we may not want to be so quick to weigh in on the latest controversy.
  • Getting high, or getting spiritual? Sigh.
  • Sometimes it's just hard to pray.
  • Have you ever seen the I Love Lucy pilot?
  • What an adorable church building!
  • Aren't you thankful that God still uses clay pots?
  • Michelle Lesley reminds us that we need a real church and a real pastor, not just sermons on the internet. And pastors, this is precisely why you need to be preaching to your congregation, not to your live stream audience.
  • I would love to visit this place, but just because I have an Epi-Pen doesn't mean that I want to have occasion to use it.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Well, this is amazing and beautiful!
  • This sermon about the mission of reconciliation makes me thankful to be part of a church that has a heart evangelizing the lost, whether across the ocean, or across the street.
  • While I am thankful for much of the scientific research that is ongoing, this pushes a limit, especially when there are so many diseases and conditions that need attention.
  • "Wives, submit to your husbands..." is not a green light for abuse.
  • "We can only plant and water, God makes things grow."
  • I am looking forward to listening to this myself: "Living in Light of the End":


  1. Besides the sermons, were there any other materials that you used for your study in Genesis?

    1. I don't really have any resources on Genesis that I'd heartily recommend (that's not to say they don't exist, they just aren't in my library). Bavinck's 'In the Beginning' is helpful, but a bit weighty and not a typical commentary. I've heard good things about Morris' commentary, but don't have it myself.

  2. Thank you for including my article.

    1. Thanks for writing the article, Deb! Your blog is such a constant source of encouragement to me!


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