26 August 2016

This 'n' That

Recent weeks have been filled with trial and loss, and I'm certain that is true for many of us. It is these times when we find comfort and encouragement in the knowledge that our God ordains such times to strengthen our faith and our trust in Him. It is also in these times when meditation upon the person and work of Christ is exponentially vital. It is one thing to hear, "trust God," but it is quite another to pause and reflect on the Christ who saved you. Growing knowledge of Him increases our trust in Him, for we cannot trust a God we do not know.

If you find yourself in trying times, do not be discouraged by checklists of do's and don'ts that are allegedly designed to boost your trust in God. Simply open His Word and read. Pray for understanding, wisdom, and guidance. Pray that He would reveal Himself to you through His Word. Read again the truth of Jesus Christ. Then rest in that revealed truth. Believer, be comforted by the knowledge that you belong to Him and no one and no thing can snatch you out of His hand. Transitory circumstances change with the breeze, but our God and our King are unchanging and reign forever.

So if you're ready for a break from the busyness of the week, why not relax a little while you enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Social work is not missions.
  • Some background on Robert Murray M'Cheyne.
  • Encouraged by this post from my dear friends at Falsified Ministries.
  • When Mylan says they will lower Epi-Pen prices for "some" patients, I get the feeling that I still won't be filling my prescription. It's fine, though. What's a little bout of anaphylactic shock if not an adventure? (Yes, that was sarcasm).
  • Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped and raped repeatedly as a 14 year old girl, shares how pornography played a role in the abuse her captor inflicted. Brothers and sisters, the destruction wrought by pornography—on you, your mind, your heart, your soul, and on others—cannot be overstated. Purity must begin in our minds (cf. James 1:14-15).
  • The glorious gospel:


  1. I think I get the point of Falsified Ministries "throwing in the towel" so to speak. It's all in God's hands, so He will work it out, we need not be concerned, etc. Which, fundamentally, is true - yet there is a scintilla of defeatism in this that bothers me. I wonder how attuned to false teaching I might be if I had not listened to many of Chris Rosebrough's sermon reviews. You know, where he takes what people are saying in the name of God and compares it to the Word of God? I do believe I've come to watch out for some pretty sneaky tricks, and I've shown others how to spot them, too. OK, so most of it involves opening up your Bible and reading scripture in context. Which we should be doing anyway. I guess I feel like *somebody* should post the "Danger! Heresy Ahead!" signs. It's a bit .... slippery out there, in case you hadn't noticed.

    1. I agree with you, Rick.



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