01 July 2016

This 'n' That

So, you know all those links I've been sharing about the Takata airbag recall? Well, there's a reason I'm so interested. As it turns out, my car is one of the millions that could have a defective airbag. Defective how? Something about the airbag exploding when it deploys, sending metal shards into your face and neck. It sounds rather unpleasant yet I have at least one friend who finds this amusing, and she has thereby nicknamed me "Metalface." Of course, with 11 people killed so far and many more injured, it's not a joking matter.

This is what I prefer to think of when
I think of "Metalface." (Source)
I was first alerted to this several months ago, but was told the replacement part would be received within a few weeks. I could continue driving my car or, if I was uncomfortable, the company would pay for a rental car until the faulty part was replaced. Well, considering my track record with rental cars is less-than-fabulous, I opted to drive my own car, albeit carefully.

"A few weeks" came and went...several times over. Other circumstances that could have been disastrous but, by God's great mercy and grace were not, led me to take up the car manufacturer on their offer: I would finally like a rental car, I told them.

In a humorous twist, I've been given a Dodge Journey to drive until further notice. Now, I suppose this is only humorous if you have noticed the annoying use (or in many cases, overuse) of the word "journey" in so-called evangelicalism.
"We're all on a journey."
"Your faith walk is a journey."
"Start your journey with God."
"Are you taking the next steps on your spiritual/faith-filled/Christ-centered journey?"
It's one of those words some professing believers use because they think it makes them sound more spiritual. Well, the reality is, when I hear the word journey, this is all that comes to mind (the 80s were amazing, weren't they?). And then I laugh. So this is why I find it amusing that I am now driving a Journey. I'm on a journey in a Journey, if you will. Oh, and for the record, it's not a bad car. While anything would be better than "Metalface," I'm extremely grateful for how this part of the situation was resolved. God is indeed a protector and provider for His children.

Well, I know, it's a long weekend for those of us here in the U.S., and you might be packing your car to go on your own little journey. If you happen to stop along the way and grab some munchies, why not use that pit stop to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Ever wonder why mint tastes cold?
  • Speaking of airbag recalls...
  • There He goes again, showing up in inanimate objects.
  • Wow. This is amazing. Now that I know this, I can finally live in victory. Whatever that means.
  • Hey, love is love, right?
  • I really hope Billy Hamilton is okay because, um, ouch. So I hope it's not insensitive of me to say, "Go Cubs, Go.
  • How to live an incomparable life with an incomparable God.
  • This article is lengthy and I'm still reading it myself as I post this, but it's an interesting look at the Bill Gothard/IBLP movement.
  • Some good thoughts here: the world needs a cross, not a pacifier.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Well, the Lisa Frank brand has jumped on the coloring book for adults bandwagon. What I find fascinating about this is that it is clear evidence of the women who are being targeted and duped by this trend: it is my generation (she said with her shoulders slumped and head bowed in shame). Ladies, surely you remember the Lisa Frank folders and notebooks that we used to purchase every August for the new school year, don't you? They were loud and bright, with creepy-cute animals gracing their covers. Well, now you can relive your childhood with coloring books of those same crazy pictures. That's right...you can revert to your younger days. Adulthood? Maturity? Critical thinking? Who needs that nonsense?! Just pass the Crayolas. Sigh.
  • "Feelings have become the new hermeneutic and experience the new means of exegesis." This is a great article over at the Expositor's Blog.
  • A little something different for a change:

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