08 April 2016

This 'n' That

Now, let me say a word or two in reply to certain questions. But must not a man repent as well as believe? Reply: No man ever believed but what he repented at the same time. Faith and repentance go together. they must. If I trust Christ to save me from sin, I am at the same time repenting of sin, and my mind is changed in relation to sin, and everything else that has to do with its state. All the fruits meet for repentance are contained in faith itself. You will never find that a man who trusts Christ remains an enemy of God, or a lover of sin. The fact that he accepts the atonement provided is proof positive that he loathes sin, and that his mind is thoroughly changed in reference to God. 
Moreover, as to all the graces which are produced in the Christian afterwards, are they not all to be found in embryo in faith? "Only believe, and you shall be save," is the cry which many sneer at, and others misunderstand; but do you know what "only believe" means? Do you know what a world of meaning lies in that word? Read that famous chapter to the Hebrews, and see what faith has done and is still able to do, and you will see that it is no trifle. Wherever there is faith in a man let it but develop itself and there will be a purging of himself from sin, a separating himself from the world, a conflict with evil, and a warring for the glory of Christ, which nothing else could produce. 
Faith is in itself one of the noblest of graces; it is the compendium of all virtues; and as sometimes there will lie within one single ear enough seed to make a whole garden fertile, so, within that one word "faith," there lies enough of virtue to make earth blessed; enough of grace, if the Spirit make it to grow, to turn the fallen into the perfect. Faith is not the easy and light thing men think. Far are we from ascribing salvation to the profession of a mere creed, we loathe the idea; neither do we ascribe salvation to a fond persuasion, but we do ascribe salvation to Jesus Christ, and the obtaining of it to that simple, child like confidence which lovingly casts itself into the arms of him who gave both his hands to the nail and suffered to the death for the sins of his people. He who believes, then, is saved—rest assured of that. "Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God."
—Charles Spurgeon, "Faith and Regeneration
Sometimes you just need a little Spurgeon, am I right? It just seemed like one of those days. So now that I've let Spurgeon do the important talking, while you reflect on his words why not take some time to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • While hilarious, the scary thing is that I wouldn't be surprised if something like this actually happened.
  • The reasons are many and multifaceted why I've not jumped on the "all prescription medicine is evil" bandwagon that has captured so many. Still, this was a fascinating read.
  • On making Jesus in our own image.
  • A little more Spurgeon for you: on the certainty of the resurrection.
  • Why do we call Him Lord?
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable (thanks, Lori!).
  • This made me sad because I knew this man's voice well from my time in Chicago; I of course hope he is now with the Lord.
  • Wait a minute, does this guy (girl, thing?) want to be a woman, or a dragon? It seems like even the Daily Mail can't decide, because the pronouns in the article are all over the place.
  • Um, sorry, but climate change is not a gospel issue. Nope, not even if you pray about it at the Billy Graham Library. Seriously, that means nothing.
  • Jesus' unjust trial and Peter's shameful denial:

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  1. The story of the "Dragon Lady" just makes me so, so sad. Especially the pictures of him with his little boy. That an image bearer would go to such extremes to try to be rid of the image... I wonder if anyone has reached out to him with the hope of Christ Jesus. I have no idea how to contact him, but if any of your readers do, and can tell me, I would contact him myself. My heart breaks for him. - Deborah


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