15 April 2016

This 'n' That

I have some shocking news for you. Those with food allergies, beware.

If you look at the photos to the right you will notice something very peculiar. Are you ready? A bag of cashews contains...are you ready for it? CASHEWS! Oh, horror of allergen horrors! Who would have ever suspected such a thing?

Is this what we've come to in our society? Have we taken food allergy paranoia to such an extreme that we have to warn people that a bag of cashews contains cashews? What is wrong with us? When did common sense become so rare?

As someone who does have some food allergies and/or sensitivities, I get it. I appreciate knowing what a product contains so that I don't chow down and then keel over in pain 30 minutes later. Still, we have to be honest and realize that our society has made an idol out of so-called "healthy eating." We are obsessed with it and at times I wonder if many (not all) of these allergies or sensitivities are either exaggerated, self-induced, or made up entirely. The result? Ridiculous warnings that a bag of cashews contains cashews.

We often hear admonitions against making idols out of things such as power, wealth, or material possessions, but do we realize that we can idolize so much more?

Of course, ultimately, the problem is not food, or fame, or money. It is pride and/or a desire for control. It is sin and none of us are exempt even from the sin of idolatry. May we earnestly pray that God would strip away this sin as He grows and sanctifies us to look more like His Son, our precious Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh well, the good news is that this blog is entirely free of all of the most common allergens. With that in mind, now you can breathe easy as you sit back and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • I'm sad to hear about another high-profile pastor disqualifying himself from ministry; however, as almost always happens when these stories break, I find myself completely unsurprised.
  • Hey, look, N.T. Wright will be speaking at my alma mater next month. Yes, this just confirms the liberal theology I was taught while there.
  • The phrase "Reformed theology" amuses Hillsong NYC seeker-sensitive "pastor" Carl Lentz. Funny, because his amusement amuses me.
  • I'm not too proud to admit that I wish I'd thought of this first. Hilarious.
  • "The arts are a powerful way of accessing the spiritual journey." Um, no, no they are not. Unless your journey is taking you someplace wonky.
  • And to think all I did on Easter was go out to lunch after church. Some guys have all the luck.
  • Proof that Phil Johnson can solve a Rubik's cube in just a few minutes.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • This looks peaceful and gorgeous and I want to be there now.
  • Is it up to us to take the last step toward Jesus?
  • Oh, please, please, please read this article by Pastor Tom Chantry.
  • Pastor Steve Kreloff begins his exposition of Psalm 119 with this introductory message, "The Word of God in the Life of the Believer":

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