11 March 2016

This 'n' That

Let's face it, many Christians seem to dread the early months of the year, mainly because they feel like their Bible reading plan of choice is punishing them by forcing them to wade through the Old Testament for so many weeks. I am thankful, however, that in the early days of my Christian life, I was studying the Pentateuch and it was there that I came to a deep realization and appreciation of just how holy our God truly is. This, in turn, led to a swift, even deeper understanding of the dreadful seriousness of sin and my own sinfulness. If possible, these realities became more real to me than they had at the moment of my conversion not too many months earlier. As a result, I treasure those dear books of Moses.

So if you've not turned to Leviticus lately, why not do so? Realize your lowliness and God's loftiness. Realize just how wonderfully holy, pure, and perfect is the One whom we serve. And come to a refreshed place of gratitude for the gift of salvation that is found only in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who alone was the perfect sacrifice to atone for those wretched sins that enslaved us. Let the soberness of these early biblical texts bring you to a place of praise before your God.

And once you've done that, what follows here will seem trivial, and perhaps some of it indeed is. Nevertheless, a Friday round-up is required around these parts, so take a few moments to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • I don't have a problem with hobbies. Hey, I don't even have a problem with coloring. I do have a problem with hobbies, including coloring, if they are meant to be used as mystical, "spiritual" practices. And it is not okay for us to dismiss these concerns just so our friends who like to color can keep their self esteem elevated.
  • There was a lot of hubbub on social media this week about these so-called "coloring books for adults," including alleged "Christian" coloring books. This was primarily sparked by this list of top selling Christian books that, for some awful, unknown reason, includes 3 of these coloring books. It seems to me that the response to this has been largely insulting to women. "Hey, my wife likes to color, so stop making fun of it!" are arguments I am hearing. If it is a rainy day and you feel like coloring, fine. But supplementing your Bible study time to meditate in a coloring book? Ridiculous. Give us some women who crave sound theology and doctrinally deep Bible study! Come on, ladies, we can do so much better than a box of Crayolas!
  • The Master's Seminary is live blogging the sessions from The Shepherd's Conference.
  • It's always nice to know your computer has been declared obsolete.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • James White gives us some things on which to think.
  • Um, wow. No, just...no. This is terrible for so many reasons and on so many levels.
  • On Andy Stanley's awful and unbiblical ecclesiology. I know, I know, he apologized. His comments are still extremely telling.
  • The God who knows us:


  1. I'm glad you went there with Andy Stanley, as a passionate lover of small loving churches I couldn't find a way to cover his comments on my blog without risking a lot of sanctification. I firmly believe that a pastor talking like that in front of small congregation, then following up with "Heck, even I was offended by what I said!" would be informed by the board that his verbal resignation had just been accepted.

  2. In the whirlwind of my extremely busy weekend (all good stuff which left me with very little downtime) I cannot believe I forgot to check your blog for Friday's This 'n' That!!! I am a loyal reader who cannot wait each week to see what you have to say. It wasn't until tonight I realized I missed Friday's posting. This is a clear sign I need to slow down!

    1. Better late than never, Linda! I'm encouraged to hear how much you enjoy Friday's posts. I guess I won't retire yet! ;)


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