01 January 2016

This 'n' That

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It is inevitable. Every year at this time we are bombarded with emails, blog posts, and radio and/or television appeals from so-called Christian ministries begging for money. It seemed extra intense this year, as some ministries sent out emails throughout the day on December 31, reminding that time was running out to offer them support and still make a tax-deductible donation for 2015.

"Your gift is important." "Your gift will help sustain us through this next year." "December is the most crucial time of the year for our ministry financially." I especially love when ministries make this appeal both in December and in June, when their fiscal year actually ends.

I lost count of how many ministries practically declared that the sky would start falling if I didn't write them a check before midnight on December 31. And then there are those ministries that take the added approach of boasting about how much money they spend to give you (paid and/or free) access to their resources. I mean, have you no heart? They've spent 500,000 million trillion dollars this year! Can't you send them 20 bucks?

It is amusing, but it is also profoundly sad and exceedingly annoying. I understand that ministries need money to operate, and I don't begrudge them reminding us, discreetly and without pressure, now and then. But this thing that looks like Christian begging needs to stop. If you have to beg, you are doing it wrong.

With that, if you have any money left after being mugged by your favorite ministries, feel free to send it on over to DNBS. We will use it to fight this battle against annoying ministry begging. No, really, we will. I *promise. We will even give you a weekly free gift for your donation of any amount. That's right, when you donate to DNBS, you will be able to spend every Friday in 2016 enjoying your week in review (kind of):
  • So, apparently preaching from a hoverboard is a thing. No, really. Truth be told, I'd never heard of a hoverboard until I saw these stories. Looks to me like something nobody actually needs.
  • Pray for the young people attending the IHOP conference this weekend. They will be exposed to much deception, many false, dangerous doctrines, and manipulative tactics. May God protect them and open their eyes to the truth.
  • I haven't listened to this yet but am anxious to do so.
  • Viewers of TBN are already familiar with Beth Moore through her visiting the Praise the Lord  program and her regular teaching on James Robison's Life Today. Now she will have her very own half-hour on this heresy-filled network to peddle her own brand of erroneous Bible teaching.
  • How do you do family devotions?
  • The Master's Seminary gives us their top ten list of online theological resources. Bookmark these!
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • This GQ article about Hillsong NYC is very telling and profoundly sad. I don't think it's telling in the way the reporter intended, but if you read it, you will see what I mean. (HT to Phil Johnson for this).
  • Interesting. And sad that so many people have been praying for nothing for so very long.
  • I appreciated this article by Al Mohler on Handel's "Messiah."
  • For the record, "test the spirits" is not a suggestion.
  • I think you'll enjoy this sermon that was delivered at last week's Christmas service at Truth Community Church:

*The definition and use of the word "promise" in this blog post is relative, and depends entirely on the reader's own gullibility.

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