23 October 2015

This 'n' That

Sometimes we need to step back and refocus on the Son.
I'm tired. Weary. Not just physically, but mentally. Perhaps even spiritually. And not just weary of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. No, that can be remedied with a good night's sleep or a completed to-do list. I am weary of two things: the world and its idle pursuits, and the professing church and her idle pursuits.

I am tired of blogging alarms going off every time one false teacher speaks at another false teacher's church or conference. After all, should we expect anything different? I am simultaneously weary and frustrated by some personalities in Christendom who, if examined, fail to engage in ethical, trustworthy journalism. I am even more exhausted by those "discerning" Christians who follow such men and/or women like lemmings. My annoyance with fence-sitters and compromisers increases daily. I have grown exasperated by the growing number of Christians who so easily are enraptured by the ongoing, growing political conversation. Those who think that even the most conservative candidate can "save" America are woefully deceived.

And yet, it is not ultimately about what annoys me or you or any of us. The point is, all of these types of individuals have lost their focus. To be sure, any one of us may unfix our gaze from Christ amid the trials, stresses, and busyness of life, but when our distraction becomes what defines us, or becomes what dictates our day, then we must stop, repent, and refocus. On Christ. On His Word. On His promises. If we do not, then we are really no different from the world. It is my prayer that this blog will always point its readers back to Christ, and not find itself wrapped up in these frivolities. Would you pray with me to that end?

In all of this, however, and though some may think it to be frivolous, I hope that you have not grown weary of enjoying your week in review (kind of): 

  • Within driving distance of Pittsburgh and looking for something to do this weekend? Then you should attend this conference.
  • It's always refreshing to see justice in situations like this.
  • Head to Britain if you're looking for a white Christmas this year.
  • This is your weekly dose of adorable (speaking of being tired).
  • Enjoy a free download from Pastor Mike Abendroth's new book.
  • Sigh. I don't envy parents today at all.
  • A new episode of Simon's Cat is out!
  • Here's a little conviction for you the next time you find yourself grumbling or complaining.
  • This sermon may be directed at parents, but there are lessons and some conviction in there for all of us.
  • And here is Part 2 of Mike Abendroth's sobering message on the truth about Hell.
  • Preparing for spiritual war:


  1. Never get weary of your posts, in fact check mail continually on Fridays til you appear. I see the same struggles all the time in my husband, Rick, who never tires of seeking out the truth and exposing lies. Thank you for your diligence.

    Gloria Koenig

  2. I love Simon's Cat. He is so much like our Charly! Never ceases to make me guffaw!

  3. The paragraph in your intro beginning with "And yet...." is just the kind of admonishment and exhortation that each of us who know Christ needs. Thank you for your transparency and continuing commitment to truth.

  4. Like Gloria, the highlight of my Fridays is to see your This 'n' That post! I also follow Equipping Eve, listening to the broadcasts in bed before I fall asleep.

    I can really identify with your post about being weary. God says, "obey my commandments;" Jesus says, "follow me;" and Satan says, "Do whatever you want." I see way too many people listening to the wrong voice, and it's very frustrating and wearying.


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