18 September 2015

This 'n' That

Interpreting talk-to-text is like trying to corral buffalo:
Possible, but laborious.
You probably aren't aware of this, but I actually wrote last week's This 'n' That during my commute. Don't worry, I wasn't typing while driving. I was using the talk-to-text function on my phone. Yeah…bad idea.

When I got home and sat down to transcribe my notes, this is what I saw, in part anyway:
already just messed Clinzo Staley...
We hate our soon...
if we have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and Shirley... 
Wait—who is Shirley?

So there you go. As you can see, I made the necessary edits for last week's post. But this week? Well, once you've appealed to Clinzo Staley, there just isn't much more to say, is there? So take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and take a few moments to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • Grace to You is running a series of blog articles about frequently abused Bible verses. Don't miss understanding what 'the eye of a needle' really means. Also—judge not?
  • Coloring as a spiritual exercise? My brain cannot comprehend such utter ridiculousness.
  • Just when you thought prayer coloring was as bad as it could get, here's a church that will be conducting a Bible study based on Garth Brooks songs. Yeah, because the Bible just isn't enough.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Tim Challies says he's an old-fashioned Christian. Amen to everything in this post; however, I would argue that what he is defining is not merely an "old-fashioned" Christian, but a true Christian. 
  • Recent episodes of No Compromise Radio have been discussing these eight symptoms of false doctrine, as found in J.C. Ryle's Warnings to the Churches (a book I highly recommend, by the way!).
  • Also, I have to give a hat tip to NoCo for this one. These things are important, and I want you to be informed.
  • And while we're giving props to NoCo, take a listen to Pastor Mike's case for Calvinist husbands.
  • The tenth Planned Parenthood video has been released. As with the others, viewer discretion is advised because these people are simply abominable.
  • Haiti's Voodoo chief has died. Let's hope the pervasiveness of that false, demonic religion dies with him, at least in that area of the world.
  • Dr. Abner Chou on the need for Christian intellectual engagement from Acts 17:

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