11 September 2015

This 'n' That

There really is no appropriate picture to post when
discussing infections, but this is usually how
I feel when I have a sinus infection.
Infections are gross and consuming, aren't they? Whether it is a sinus infection, an infected wound, or something more systemic, once an infection enters the body if it is not treated immediately it will be persistent, pervasive, and detrimental.

To view it from a more spiritual angle, we would do a disservice to mankind to describe sin as a mere infection or disease. Sin is, after all, innate in every man from the very beginning of life. Of course, those who have been saved are given new hearts and new minds and new natures but, even following regeneration, we are not perfect—we still sin. But do we love our sin, or hate it? Do we tolerate it, or mortify it? If we have been saved, then the answer to each of these questions must be the latter: we hate our sin and we mortify it when it is revealed to us.

If we allow an infection to fester and to grow, it will eventually cause death. As believers, we cannot experience spiritual death, but if we have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, then surely it is our inner desire to serve Him and to obey Him, and to do that by seeking to eliminate the sin that still plagues us. One day we will be glorified and we will stand before God cloaked in the righteousness of Christ. But until that day, let us not serve our Lord as dirty vessels. Let us repent daily, and seek to have the Lord cleanse us daily from our sin. May we serve Him well, may we serve Him purely, may we serve Him cleanly. May we be convicted daily, even hourly, of the ways in which we bring a tarnish upon our witness of Him. And may we thank Him daily for His forgiveness, grace, and mercy, and for the salvation that He purchased on our behalf.

Go ahead and spend some time before the Lord in humble repentance and thanksgiving. Then come back later and enjoy your week in review (kind of):

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  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • I've been saying these exact same things about Beth Moore for years. Glad to see some of the more public voices are finally catching up.

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