03 July 2015

This 'n' That

Creepiest. Ad. Ever.
Well, it's a holiday weekend here in the US. Yes, that's right, tomorrow is July 4. That means it's time for my annual anti-firework rant.

Another year has gone by and I still don't understand how so many adults are so easily amused by fireworks. Yay! Colors in the sky! Yay! Loud, booming noise! Yay! Fire! Yay! A symbol of exploding bombs and lives lost!

Um…no. Sorry, that just is not something worth getting excited about. In addition, with the Fourth of July comes the inevitable alcohol-aided "celebrations" of many. As I've said before, could there be a more terrifying combination than inebriated, stressed-out Americans and fireworks? I think not. So if you are a fan of fireworks, then I regret to inform you that we cannot be friends until July 6. Yes, I'm throwing in a couple extra days because I know the firework fanatics will be lighting their flammable goodies all weekend.

Now that my annual rant is out of the way, let's move on to the good stuff, shall we? I hope you are able to relax a little this weekend (in spite of annoying fireworks) and to help you with that, here's your round-up of your week in review (kind of):
  • I am really excited about this Grace to You Bible app, even if it is apparently going to exclusively use the ESV. I love the ESV, I'd just like to see a NASB option too. 
  • Joel Osteen should not be a pastor, but this was the wrong way to go about rebuking him. What did it accomplish? Did anyone repent and get saved?
  • I am so thankful God flipped that switch.
  • Here is your weekly dose of adorable (thanks, Marti!).
  • Yep, this will be next.
  • There have been many responses and reactions to last Friday's SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage. I have to say that I found one response by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis to be rather…odd. He writes, "Do you know what we need to do in response to the Supreme Court decision on Friday? (Though this is really a symptom of a very sick culture that has shaken its fist at God, and a sad reflection of the state of much of the church that has not stood on God’s Word as it should.) For one, we need to build an Ark—a life-size Ark—as a sign to the world that God’s Word is true and the message of salvation is true." I agree with the first part of that quote but then I find myself saying, "Huh?" As a response to the SCOTUS decision we need to…build an ark? I have to respectfully disagree in light of the commission to us by our Savior to call people to repentance for forgiveness of sins and salvation in Him alone (cf. Luke 24:47). "Go therefore and build an ark." Nope. "Go therefore and make disciples…baptizing…teaching them to observe all that I commanded you" (Matthew 28:19–20).
  • In light of SCOTUS, this is good.
  • Here's a sermon you shouldn't miss.
  • I just don't even know what to do with this.
  • This is a sweet and touching story, but I cannot help but wonder where these two are spending eternity. In spite of them never leaving one another's side in life, they still must stand before Christ alone.
  • John MacArthur and The Master's Seminary have been posting some excellent articles in light of the June 26 ruling. Start with this one and then browse around to catch the rest.
  • Gorgeous. The God who made this is still on His throne.
  • A catechism on forgiveness:


  1. Do you get the feeling that Ken Ham is digging for donations to his ark project?

  2. If I knew you personally I could remain your friend. I hate the sound of fireworks. Have you seen the memes on facebook that show a vet holding a sign that says "Please be courtesy with your fireworks vet w/PTSD lives here."?

    I always look forward to your "This 'n' That. Thank you for contending for the faith!

    1. I always read this Blog, Anonymous, never miss it!

  3. There already is an Ark - it is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the ark of safety for all of those who trust and believe in His death, burial and resurrection for their sins.


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