26 June 2015

This 'n' That

I've written before about the church bells near my office that play hymns at certain hours of the day. Not long ago, I happened to be outside at noon again when the carillon began playing 'How Great Thou Art'. Realizing it was midday already, I looked over toward the cafeteria. There stood that day's food truck and a rather lengthy line of hungry patrons, eager to dine on anything other than the typical cafeteria offerings. I couldn't help but wonder how many of them, as they waited for their food or for their turn to order, even noticed the bells in the background, and if so, if they realized how God was being praised through the beautiful music and the rich, captivating lyrics that were implied.

How many unregenerate people go about each day without giving their Creator a first thought, let alone a second? I daresay it is the vast majority, for although they know God, they do not honor Him as God or give Him thanks (Romans 1:21) for the common grace that He is good to bestow on them. They have no concern for the One who not only gave them life, but continues to give them life. Even worse, they live each day without care for tomorrow, even though tomorrow could find them face to face with this God who is their Judge.

In short, I was so thankful for the bells that declared the glory of God that day, but that also offered me a sobering reminder of the urgency of the hour. Lord, make us faithful to declare Your gospel to all who may hear.

With that, I do believe it is time for you to take a few moments to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Joseph Smith "carried off my daughter."
  • An exceptional article by Dr. Michael Kruger on postmodernity in light of recent current events.
  • I won't say much here on the Tullian matter. I have my thoughts, of course, and am intrigued as I watch the Christian response to this scandal. The Cripplegate offers some lessons we can learn from this incident and Elizabeth Prata shares her thoughts as well.
  • Totally bummed about this. I was hoping to be featured on the second season.
  • This whole assisted suicide, euthanasia thing is so interesting. Tell me why it is necessary to obtain society's acceptance of one's decision to end one's life. Does that justify the action? Does it bring the person solace? It is not more dignified to die with the aid of a physician. In fact, it demonstrates just as much if not more cowardice than opting to pull the trigger oneself. And let us not forget that God is the One who has numbered our days (Psalm 139:16; Job 14:5).
  • Sigh. Now a whole slew of Christians will be running around boycotting Tylenol.  
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Mike Abendroth recently interviewed Dr. Abner Chou of The Master's College. What a great discussion!
  • If your pastor says that preaching through the Bible is risky, especially during football season because someone might miss a Sunday and not be caught up on the passage, then you need a new pastor and a new church. Now. RUN!
  • Some thoughts on Dr. James Boice.
  • Pastor Don Green's latest sermon is a must-listen: 'Kiss the Rod'.
  • Why does God allow evil?

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