19 June 2015

This 'n' That

Ducks! Baby ducks might possibly be one of the most adorable of God's creatures. And this week, a family of ducks appeared at my bird feeder.

This has been an ongoing saga over the past few weeks. There is a pond not far from my house, which means the bird feeder in my backyard feeds the fun pond residents (i.e., ducks) and not the annoying ones (i.e., geese). A few weeks ago, a pair of Mallards appeared, but the male was clearly injured. He hobbled on his leg, and it was evident that it was not going to heal anytime soon. It wasn't long before the female started visiting alone (here is where I would insert a frowny face if I were one to use emoticons in my blogging). She faithfully feeds every morning and evening but this week, she brought a few more mouths with her:

Doesn't it make you smile? And here we see a gracious illustration of God's provision for His creation. Here is a momma duck who has lost her mate, and yet God provides sustenance for her and her ducklings. They have safe shelter near water and an endless, guaranteed buffet just up the road. Not only is this a gift to these unknowing animals, but it is a gift to my household. Though it was sad to watch the male as he grew weaker, to see the faithful return of the female and now to watch as she instinctively cares for her young ones is an immeasurable joy. God is so good, for if He will care for the birds, surely He will care for those whom He has adopted into His family.

Well, it feels like it's been kind of a slow week out there in Internet world. Perhaps that's because I was largely detached from my computer for most of the week due to work obligations, or perhaps I'm simply growing immune to the madness. Whatever the reason, be warned that this week's roundup is a bit skinny. But hey, it's summer, and we all like to be a little skinnier in the summer, don't we? And if you decide to find a spot where you can feed some ducks this weekend, may I suggest that you offer them cracked corn and not bread? But before you take that excursion, first take some time to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • The Grace to You blog has some good articles on hyper grace and the notion of abusing grace.
  • So, is this true? Has James MacDonald announced that Harvest Bible Chapel will be joining the Southern Baptist Convention?
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • The Pope has everyone in a tizzy over climate change. You know, I really wish these climate change crusaders would stop imposing their values on me. And yes, I wrote that as I took a sip of bottled water from a bottle that I won't recycle.
  • Here is John MacArthur's response to the shooting in Charleston, SC.
  • Everyone loves a good Gregorian chant, I guess. It kind of gives me the creeps.
  • Charisma magazine is asking about modern day 'resurrections.' And note the interesting role Beth Moore's teachings play in this story (HT to Philip for this link).
  • Oh, Lifeway, you never fail to disappoint.
  • S. Lewis Johnson on Revelation 3:7–13:


  1. I read This 'n' That every Friday. I enjoy your writing every bit as much as I enjoy reading the links. Keep up the good work!

    - Deborah

  2. I love your Friday This "n" That posts! I also listen to Equipping Eve. I appreciate your gift and for sharing. God Bless You!

  3. So....I should be impressed that the cat traveled from Australia to Ireland.....but I was actually more excited about the fact that the cat was 25. There is hope that Ray (our cat) might me around a LOT longer than once hoped..... ;)
    And since I know you so well....I'm sure you feel the same hehe


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