12 June 2015

This 'n' That

I was reading some articles this week about Bill Gothard. I think one of my favorite stories is about the 1986 Cabbage Patch craziness. Apparently, Gothard claimed that Cabbage Patch dolls were evil and were causing destructive behavior in children. These symptoms could only be alleviated if the dolls were removed or destroyed. Further, stories were told by a midwife that mothers in labor suddenly experienced quick and easy delivery once Cabbage Patch dolls and troll dolls were removed from the home. Why do I get the feeling that Gothard may have watched 'Child's Play' a few too many times? Or maybe he was traumatized by this episode of The Twilight Zone:

Look, I get it, dolls are creepy. I'll never understand people who collect them because, let's face it, few things are more disturbing than walking into a room and feeling 50 sets of glass eyes fixed on you. But it's tragic to think how many people and families have been influenced by Gothard and his teachings. Christian, be discerning. Test all things against Scripture. If you do, you'll find Gothard's bizarre legalism simply does not align. And ladies, don't go digging through boxes to find your old Cabbage Patch doll so that you can burn it. Chances are the fumes that would be released by the burning plastic would be more detrimental than Gothard's imaginary Cabbage Patch demons.

Okay, now that we've all been sufficiently creeped out by talking dolls, let's step back and start off the weekend the right way, by enjoying the week in review (kind of):
  • So, "progressive evangelical leader" Tony Campolo released this statement this week. For the record, I am utterly unsurprised. 
  • And speaking of the homosexual agenda within the visible church, this is happening at Willow Creek in Chicago.
  • This seems like an awkward way to spend a vacation.
  • I'm so thankful for Pat Robertson. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be aware that there's a difference between Old Testament and New Testament theology. Is this guy serious? Isn't there some sort of rule about how many idiotic, blasphemous things one person is allowed to say in their lifetime? Because I'm pretty sure Robertson reached his quota about 60 years ago (at least).
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Phil Johnson on manly preachers and manly preaching.
  • Speaking of Phil, if you're within driving distance of Cincinnati, you'll want to visit Truth Community Church on Sunday to hear Phil preach. But actually, if you're within driving distance of Cincinnati, you might want to consider coming to Truth Community every week. And if you can't drive to Cincinnati, think about tuning in to the live stream on Sunday mornings at 9 AM or Tuesday evenings at 7 PM.
  • June 10 marked the anniversary of the death of J.C. Ryle.
  • Thinking about throwing away some money?
  • This is a neat find.
  • Mark Driscoll has been dropped from the lineup of the Hillsong conference.
  • Evangelism and the sovereignty of God:


  1. Phil Johnson has an excellent sermon “Time to Act Like Men in the Church”
    GraceLife Pulpit


  2. Gothard's Cabbage Patch doll claims have always been one of my favorite false teachings of his. But you don't have to read much of his teachings to find many, many more very funny (and very harmful) teachings.

    Wow, an openly homosexual worship leader at Willow Creek!?!?!


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