29 May 2015

This 'n' That

This is a "glory feather cloud" that allegedly appeared in
2011 at Cathedral of Praise in Austin, TX, and was followed
by some "holy laughter."
Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday. Did your church celebrate with gold glory dust, mass healings, and a full-fledged anointing of the spirit manifested in tongues-speaking, signs, and wonders? Did a glory cloud rise in your midst? Yeah…none of that happened at my church either, thankfully. The day those things would happen at my church would be a strange day indeed. Once again I find myself profoundly grateful for the doctrinally sound, biblically faithful local church of which God has allowed me to be a part.

What did we do on Sunday, then? Well, our pastor opened the Word of God and he preached, unashamedly, clearly, and boldly. He spoke of the ascension of Christ and its necessary impact on our lives as believers, both present and eternal. He proclaimed the gospel so that those within earshot who had not been saved might be brought to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, and so those of us who have been saved might be reminded of the great God whom we serve.

Sunday was a good day. I can't wait for this coming Sunday. Do you love to gather with the saints in your local assembly? Do you long for the teaching of God's Word? Do you treasure each moment that you are able to hear that Word explained? I pray you do.

But, it is not Sunday yet, it's Friday! And that means that it's time to breathe a sigh of relief that the work week has ended and to take a moment to pause and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Here is what my church was blessed to hear on Sunday.
  • Have I mentioned this here before? Even if I have, it's still abominable.
  • The rapture will be occurring on October 7. You're welcome.
  • Lots of bad theology here. "To me, God is…" Quick, somebody introduce this young man to expository preaching so he can truly understand God's Word!
  • In the midst of the Duggar drama, I appreciate Pastor Tom Chantry taking time to question "reality." I encourage you to read this post.
  • Oh, goody, the Hillsong movie is coming.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable (thank you, Rick!).
  • Attention Pope Francis: If you ask me, the devil is the one who is prompting you to spew such nonsense.
  • Supernatural peace:


  1. On Holy Humor, I disagree with the author on one point... he said that new born believers intuitively crave ear tickling, and have to acquire a taste for sound doctrine. Perhaps that is true for some, but that was absolutely not the case for myself, my husband, and I am sure it is not true for many others. My husband and I wanted seriousness of the pulpit from the get go, and actually as young believers, we respectfully rebuked pastors who felt the need to turn their pulpit into a stand up routine. We still have a strong disdain for pastors who trivialize Christ and the word of God with needless humor, and believe Sunday service should be reverent not "relevant".

    The Duggar situation is very sad, not only for the victims having to relive the shame publicly, but also because of the reflection this has on Christ's name. It's water under the bridge now, but they should not have had the cameras in their house in the first place given the seriousness of their son's sin, which occurred prior to their "reality" series. Chantry had some excellent thoughts. Privacy is indeed a lost virtue. As is wisdom.


  2. Additional comment - the fallout from the Duggar and similar evangelical scandals will have far reaching negative impact. I am grieved for what these do to the name of Christ. Is there forgiveness at Calvary for this and all sin, yes, but consequences linger, dear brethren.


  3. Here is a good article by Todd Friel about the Josh Dugger issue: http://www.falsifiedministries.com/falsified-journal/the-gospel-forgotten.html

  4. Biblical minimalism is amazing. Sth clicked last year when I was listening to a J MacArthur sermon on stewardship. A hoarder by nature (seriously!), my family of four is down to 2 car loads of stuff and still going lower. The benefits are amazing - physical, mental and especially spiritual. I cannot recommend it too highly - for a fruitful and God-honoring lifestyle (sounds self-righteous but I don't know how else to put it). God bless.

  5. Biblical minimalism is amazing. I was lstng to a J MacArthur sermon on stewardship last year and was convicted of wastefulness and minlessness and since then have pared our family of four possessions down to two car loads (and still going lower). The benefits are amazing - physical, mental and spiritual. I cannot recommend it highly enough for a fruitful and God-honoring, priority-conscious lifestyle (that sounds self-righteous but I dont know how else to put it (its more about the starting point than the person)). Thank you for ur blog and podcast - I had almost lost hope in the existence of non1ishy-washy, frilly, semi/sub-biblical teaching for women (also sounds self-righteous but im just trying to communicate my gratefulness ;)) . God bless.

  6. The Hillsong documentary is very disturbing. Because what will happen is predictable: thousands of churches will take groups to see it, thinking they are helping their youth. What they're actually doing is pushing them farther from Jesus Christ. The rave reviews will be proof of this and should be seen as condemnation, not celebrated. In no way is God honored by Hillsong or this current-culture mentality. Pray for these lost souls.

  7. Erin,
    Did you happen to listen john MacArthur on a doomed nation? It was a current sermon from the last couple of weeks.
    It was relative to what's going on in the church and the world right now.

  8. As a former catholic I can say the RCC preaches another gospel which is not one and another Jesus.
    It's the Lord Jesus Christ that's keeping the one true church separated from the world and the apostates.
    As He said, I will build my church and the
    gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
    The popes view is a sign of the end times. Ecumenism. Paving the way for the one world religion. It sounds good but it's evil being called good and good evil.

  9. I agree, Carolyn.
    What is the specific sermon, please, Sophy?



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