22 May 2015

This 'n' That

In an attempt to save time Thursday evening, I tried to write this introduction on my phone using voice-to-text while sitting in traffic driving home from work. Needless to say it didn't work very well and I found myself more annoyed than anything. Oh well, you can't blame a busy blogger for trying.

At one point, I found myself sitting next to a car with a 'Love Wins' bumper sticker. It just goes to show you that bad theology is everywhere, even at red lights. And speaking of bad theology, there is plenty of it in the links of today's post. Don't worry, though, I've tried to balance it out with much of the good stuff as well. So with that, why don't you dive into your weekend by enjoying your week in review (kind of):

  • There is no other gospel.
  • Michael Kruger looks at Psalm 119 and shares five things every Christian should be doing with the Word of God.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable. (Thanks, Paula!)
  • Seriously, just call me when Driscoll does something that actually surprises us. Let's be honest, we all knew this kind of thing would start happening, didn't we?
  • And, this does not surprise me either.
  • Christine Caine must be using the Hillsong Revised Version of the Bible.
  • This is exactly why I am not a potluck person.
  • You'll want to add this to the back of your Bible.
  • So, this is in the news.
  • Check out the latest issue of Credo magazine.
  • I don't necessarily share the viewpoints here, but this is an interesting interview about the death penalty.
  • So if I want to blend in with my candy addiction, I need to move to Utah. Got it.
  • The real Mary Magdelene.
  • Fact: this is a bunch of bunk.
  • Why does evil dominate the world?


  1. What they didn't really note in that interview about the death penalty is that GOD instituted the death penalty for murder for everyone in Genesis 9. It's only the bleeding hearts who challenge God in this command.

  2. The irony! Did you notice that the Mega Fest brings families together only to separate them in the workshops? Gotta love it.


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