10 April 2015

This 'n' That

Riches I heed not, Nor man's empty praise…

I've been thinking a lot about those words lately. 'Be Thou My Vision' is one of my favorite hymns and as I listened to it while driving to work amidst a rather critical and stressful period, it was as if those words hit me anew.

It is so easy to seek "man's empty praise," isn't it? Just as we can become caught up in the frivolities of the world (fashion, entertainment, etc.), so too we can find ourselves temporarily enticed by the allure of hearing "well done" at work, at school, or even at home. To be sure, we want to strive to do our best in these realms. We seek to be diligent, valued employees. We do not shirk deadlines or responsibilities. If it means working late from time to time, then we work late. If it means an occasional 13-hour day at your desk with not even a break for lunch, then so be it. But what we must be mindful of, brothers and sisters, is our motivation for such diligence. Is it to garner the attention and praise of men? Or is it to please our God?
Slaves, in all things obey those who are your masters on earth, not with external service, as those who merely please men, but with sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord. Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve. (Colossians 3:22–24)
Be thankful for the job and role God has given you. Do it well. Do your best. But do it because you serve a heavenly Father who gives good gifts to His children. Do not worry if men praise your work, simply seek to glorify God by pursuing His righteousness wherever He has placed you. If you do, I trust that you'll find a peace and blessing that can only come from above.

Of course, today it is Friday, so it's time to think about taking a little break from the stress of the week. Grab some tea/coffee/water/soda, a handful of your favorite munchies, sit back, and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • How does God define success?
  • I'm looking forward to this series by Elizabeth Prata about the gift of singleness.
  • You must, must, must listen to this Resurrection Sunday message delivered by Pastor Don Green. While some churches were dropping Easter eggs as a worn-out Easter gimmick, Pastor Green taught his church about repentance according to Jesus. Lame, cheap, plastic Easter eggs? No thanks. Repentance, faith, gospel, Jesus? YES PLEASE.
  • If you're a history buff, you may be interested in these free Kindle downloads of the official Winston Churchill biography.
  • This is your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Today's helping of Charisma craziness comes to us courtesy of Anne Graham Lotz
  • Some Martyn Lloyd-Jones resources you may want to check out.
  • Yeah, so, I watched the first episode in the miniseries, A.D. The Bible Continues. In short, I want 60 minutes of my life back. Also, what was the deal with that angel that showed up at the end and rolled away the stone from Jesus' tomb? It's been a long time since I'v laughed that hard.
  • John MacArthur on the final passover/the first communion (HT to Julia at Steak and a Bible):


  1. Thank you very much for the link, I appreciate it. I finished part 2 just now and Lord willing, part 3 will be published tomorrow. Thank you for all your constant work, Erin, seen and unseen.

    1. I just read Part 2, Elizabeth, thank you. You're addressing a topic and a group within the Body of Christ that is vastly overlooked, and one that I identify with myself. I've long wanted to speak to this issue, but am thankful to now have a helpful and accessible resource to which I can point others!

  2. Fantastic collection, Erin. Yeah, that angel in A.D. is hilarious, but to be expected; the series was made by New Agers, after all.

  3. What great timing! This week I have been teaching my kids that hymn every morning and they are just starting to get the words. This morning I found a nice version on youtube and we listened to it during breakfast. Thanks for sharing your insight. I always enjoy your Friday roundup. Melissa

  4. Thanks for the heads up on AD. I was going to watch it on VOD but the thought of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Angels that Roma introduced in the bible turned me off. At least she's consistent.


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