20 March 2015

This 'n' That

The name of the church has been
airbrushed to protect the guilty.
Ah, Friday. Where have you been all week? You took forever to get here. Well, maybe not forever. But at least seven days. It was worth the wait, though.

Yes, I know, I know—the blog is once again eerily silent throughout the week. At this point, I cannot make any promises as to when that will change, but it will change. Someday. Just not tomorrow. And probably not the next day. I anticipate a few more months with only sporadic posts while I finish up school, but rejoice with me that the end is near. And here's a teaser for something anticipated in the near future: I have an article in the queue that I wrote nearly a year ago. For one reason or another I've been sitting on it all this time, but it is coming sooner rather than later. And it is rather lengthy, so hopefully it will help make up for the silence.

Well, it has been another busy and slightly stressful week, but that's okay. Why? Because I started the week by receiving the gift pictured here. That's right, I am unique (actually, lots of people may agree with that, though they might not define 'unique' favorably), and Jesus loves me. And yes, that cheerful little message is written on a rubber-grip jar opener. Now every time I open a new jar of pickles or olives I will be encouraged by this Joel Osteen-esque trinket. So thank you for the gift, small and painfully-awkward church that I visited this week. I'll never forget you. I will try, but I fear I will not be successful.

You know, if it weren't so early in the morning, I might be craving pickles right now. Instead, I'm craving coffee, so while I go pour another cup, why don't you take a few moments to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • And another free ebook!
  • Some advantages to engaging in consecutive expository preaching.
  • Here is the audio and/or video of all of the sessions (including breakout sessions) from this year's Shepherds' Conference (aka, The Inerrancy Summit).
  • This looks like a good one. It might be worth a pre-order.
  • Funny. And, sadly true. 
  • I just don't even know what to do with this. Not only must Joel Osteen be stopped, but so must the intern who is running his Twitter feed.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • This was definitely an interesting election.
  • Because the week isn't truly crazy until you've read some nonsense from Charisma.
  • Goodbye and good riddance, Internet Explorer.
  • Some unsurprising PCUSA news.

  • "If God talks to both of us, what do you do when God tells me something that openly and directly contradicts what he tells you?" Precisely. Therein lies one of the fundamental problems with the ever-popular "God told me" mindset.
  • Another treasure from this year's Shepherds' Conference:  

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