01 March 2015

Equipping Eve: Sad Church Visits

I haven't been church shopping, but I have been visiting other churches to observe their style of worship. In this episode, I'll share what almost brought me to tears during one of these excursions. Bring your Bibles, ladies, as we hold this church's teaching up to the light of God's Word.

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  1. This podcast was excellent. You asked what ideas we might have for future podcasts. I would like to learn more about how to identify a dead church. You gave excellent information about the church you attended, but I would love to have a sort of list of how to identify if a church is dead. I know such a list would not be exhaustive, but maybe just something to get us started. For example, if the gospel is proclaimed, would that automatically mean the church is not dead or could a church be dead even if the gospel is proclaimed? You talked about an active, lively church that you attended but was dead. How did you come to the conclusion that it was dead despite all the activity and liveliness? I think this would be helpful to me and your other listeners not only for ourselves, but in talking with people that we know who may be in dead churches but don't realize it. If you would not want to devote a podcast to that, maybe you could write about it here on your blog.

    Thanks for all you do!


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