02 January 2015

This 'n' That

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Currently, I am taking a class in the principles and practices of worship. It is basically answering the question, what is worship? What does a biblical paradigm of worship look like? It discusses practices, styles, and a little bit of hymnology, which is really interesting. Of all the books I've read so far for the class, though, I most appreciate John MacArthur's aptly and succinctly titled book, Worship. Why this book over some of the others? Because MacArthur doesn't dwell so much on style and practice, but on the object of worship, our triune God. When we have a right understanding of who God is, our worship will flow naturally into every area of our lives.

It seems as though a similar principle lies behind A.W. Pink's book, The Attributes of God. When we better know the God we serve, the Master who bought us, and the Spirit who quickens us, we will worship better with our lives, lips, minds, and hearts. It is a profoundly simple concept, really, but one that seems lost on many professing Christians. That is why so many select a church based on its 'worship style' (i.e., music style), with the sole criteria that the music appeal to their senses. Professing Christians today need to understand that the centerpiece of worship at a church service is the proclamation and teaching of God's Word. It also must be understood that worship is not something that happens only on Sunday morning. Our whole lives ought to be lived in worship to God, to the praise and glory of His name. Is this how you think of worship?

Now that we've been talking about worship and music, don't start singing any 7-11 praise choruses. They will get stuck in your head for days. And I'm fairly certain the shoddy theology in most of them will just make you dumber. Instead, take a few moments in this new year to sit back and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • This made me really sad.
  • In case you actually care what were the top 20 Christianity Today posts in 2014.
  • Newsweek published this, which was a disaster. Dr. James White responded here and here. Dr. Michael Kruger responded here and here and Pastor Tom Chantry had a clever proposal. Of course, are we really surprised that the world is acting like the world, and is therefore being hostile to Christianity?
  • This 'pastor' was never a Christian. And he is wrong. Grossly wrong. 
  • Um, hasn't this been done? More than once? Like, way too many times?
  • I used to want to be an archaeologist, so even though there seems to be a bit of speculation in this report, the archaeological find is fascinating.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • I have no idea what it means that 2015 is the 'year of the sunflower' or who made that decision, but sunflowers are tied with gerber daisies for my favorite flower, so I'm okay with it.
  • Hey, looking for a new movie to watch on movie night? How about 'Meet the Mormons'?
  • It's that time of year again—time to choose your Bible reading plan for 2015. Tim Challies shares some recommendations. I plan to use one that was shared at GraceLife Pulpit several years ago.
  • Elizabeth Prata has written a series of articles about the website She Reads Truth and the If: Gathering. I think you should check it out and consider what she has to say.
  • The perplexities of the cross:


  1. I've been doing the Grant Horner Bible reading plan for 3 years now.
    It does pay dividends. Turns the Bible into a symphony of truth, with all the instruments (books) playing the same score. For those who can't handle the 10 chapters a day, just read what you can and pick up from there the next day.

    I use this online tracking app to keep my place.
    The Ten Lists
    A mobile web application based on Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System.

  2. I am blessed to be married to a genuine Christian gentleman.



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