13 January 2015

Email Exchange Between Beth Moore and Discerning Christian Woman

Screenshot: YouTube
In a recent blog post, "It's Hunting Season for Heretics," popular Southern Baptist Bible teacher Beth Moore lambasted a young woman who dared to publicly refer to Ms. Moore as a false teacher. The issue has received much attention on social media in recent days and it was not long before Moore reached out to this young woman to engage in conversation via email.

That discerning young woman, Jessica Lam, has made her email exchange with Beth Moore public. That conversation can be found here.

HT: Discern.org

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  1. It occurs to me that Beth Moore made a distinction without a difference when she claimed that God impressed on her so strongly she knew what she had to do, but that this was not the same as God's actually speaking to her in words. I beg to differ. If Moore was so "heavily impressed" upon as to discern a specific divine command, then the "impression" was, in effect, verbal--since words are at some point required for intelligibly communicating thoughts. Her dodge, whatever her motives, does not seem to work.

  2. There are many words available to correctly described Beth Moore, the first that comes to mind is: LIAR. This one certainly could be applied to all false teachers, but with Ms. Moore the proof is in the pudding; one does not have to go about to "accuse" her of anything, a simple recounting of her own words is more than sufficient proof. Here, her second response to Jessica fits the bill. For those supporters of BM, please go back to your beloved teacher's own words from all of her studies (in heresy) and listen for yourself. Lying is one of the premiere traits of the damned, ie, false prophet/wolf. Other traits of the damned are also obvious in Ms. Moore's responses to Jessica. Flattery is used in excess to disarm Jessica, take her off offense and put her on defense (glad to see it didn't work). A gushing and disgusting display of false humility was evident throughout the whole exchange. Condescension plays a key role here, too, as it does in nearly everything the damned have to say-especially to a real Christian. Lastly, arrogance rules her every word (BM's) because she is a teacher of thirty plus years and has reached the stage of infallibility (in her own mind, but speaks "humbly" to those 'under her' lest the truth of her state of mind be exposed). Beth is THE teacher and as such must instruct those who do follow after her in blind obedience. BM employs all of these psych 101 tricks on her disciples and they, not knowing what is being done to them, follow her and will continue to do so even into hell, thinking that all is well with their soul.

    So, brothers and sisters in Christ (the real ones, not the fake "Christian" who parade themselves about as does Beth Moore) it's time to take off the gloves. We have been instructed by nearly all who teach that to speak out against the likes of BM and those like-minded sharks must be done with utmost care, respect, done "in love" (whatever they mean by that, their version of "love" has nothing to do with Scripture) and heaven forbid we should be seen as 'judgmental', 'unloving', 'snarky', 'unkind', and the list goes on endlessly. But what do we
    find in Scripture but the precise opposite. Name one prophet of old who was not described by these terms and worse as he spoke WHAT WAS GIVEN HIM TO SPEAK by the Lord Himself. John the Baptist called the religious fools of his day "vipers." Peter and Paul never gave in to the stupidity that we of today are required (by our "teachers") to adhere to. Jesus certainly had no such coddling in mind when he spoke to Pharisees and told them of the evil of their heart and ways. Find one person IN SCRIPTURE that is more interested in the feelings of the one he speaks to rather than the truth of what is needed to be said. Hint: there aren't any. So why is it necessary for such a pile of nonsense to be imposed on the Christian of today? To shut him up. To sweep under the rug the evil deeds done by charlatans, hirelings, and all other manner of false "brethren."

    Silly me, I thought the cross was supposed to be an offense, but according to the ever growing herd of wolves in sheep's clothing with their ever growing list of seminary degrees and ever growing peer accolades low and behold, it is not! Who knew? Does this offend you? More importantly, does Christ offend you?

    1. Your comments are on point. All false teachers have the same "handbook."

  3. Am not a Beth Moore supporter but this Lam girl clearly has no integrity. Tells Moore in the email that she would keep the convos private, so much for that eh?

    1. Actually, Anonymous, if you look at the context, Lam is saying that she would keep Moore's personal email address private, just as Moore had asked her to do.

    2. I stand corrected. I noticed that after I had commented and went back and re-read it. Still though, nothing "new" was exposed. Same ole same ole with Moore.

  4. I agree with Beth Moore on this discussion! The people of God still hear the voice of God, be it audible or through the Spirit of God. The difference may be that Beth Moore has the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Lam does not. Why Beth and not Lam hear from God? God is a Sovereign God! Why was Abraham chosen and not Jimmy John? God is Sovereign!

    1. Every believer has the "baptism of the Holy Spirit." The Holy Spirit either indwells you or he does not. Where does the Bible say that God will speak to us audibly? It doesn't. God speaks to us through the Bible and the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.

  5. “One of the marks of wolves is they like to isolate sheep from those who would protect them. A common trait of cults is they will remove people from their family environments, they will remove people from the local church.” Pastor Don Green from Truth Community Fellowship.


    Beth Moore warned the people at the James Robison “Awaken Now Conference” a little over a year ago with claims she had a direct ‘outpouring’ from God. As in Pastor Green’s teaching from above, Moore warned them to isolate themselves, even from their brothers and sisters in the church. She labelled them as scoffers. January 2014 she blogged about this ‘outpouring’ and said it was going to happen soon. Seems to be a clever tactic to insulate herself against discerning believers like Jessica Lam.

    So is this the ‘soon’ Moore warned about? She may be attempting to protect her revelation from God by purposely seeking out this young individual while simultaneously affirming to her followers that a) this is one of the scoffers she was referring to and b) her ‘prophecy’ is turning out to be correct.

    Is this what Moore was planning with this ‘random’ find of a single twitter in a sea of millions of twitters? Seems like Moore is getting the appropriate media coverage she needs to keep promoting whatever it is she has in the works. Stay awake everyone!


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