20 December 2014

Equipping Eve Episode #4: The Word Made Flesh

Jesus is…God? Man? Jesus is the God-man. During the Christmas season especially, the doctrine of the incarnation is at the forefront of the minds of most Christians. We sing, “Veiled in flesh the Godhead see; Hail the incarnate Deity,” but how can we better understand this central doctrine of Christianity?A study of the incarnation of Christ will deepen your praise, wonder, and worship of the mighty king Jesus.

Equipping Eve is a No Compromise Radio production, and airs every other Saturday via the NoCo podcast feed. The fourth episode of Equipping Eve, "The Incarnation," is now available, and can be accessed here.

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  1. Interesting. I just left a church where the Pastor announced that we were going to become an "Incarnational Church" in order to meet the needs of the community. In order to be relevant and to grow. If the people are not coming into the church, we will go out and meet them where they are. We will win them over to the Lord by showing the love of Jesus through our actions. So much for the Gospel - that offends!


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