07 November 2014

This 'n' That

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You almost were reading this on Saturday. Yes, that's right, for the first time (okay, maybe the second) since This 'n' That debuted here at Do Not Be Surprised (wow, that was 3 1/2 years ago!) I almost missed my Friday deadline. You can thank a weary car battery (and let's face it, a weary blogger) for that. And you can thank a security officer's jumper cables and a blogger's God-given stubborn determination for the fact that, in spite of an unexpected speed bump in my evening, this blog is still being posted on Friday.

So it's November now and that means a lot is going on: the holidays are coming (quickly), the weather is getting colder (and windier and wetter) for some of us, the days are getting shorter (why is it I feel like I should go straight to bed when I get home from work now?), and, because of these things and others, life for many of us grows more and more hectic. But don't let the busyness distract you from what should be your sole focus: the Lord Jesus Christ. When our eyes and our minds and our hearts lose their fixed gaze upon Him, it is not long before a sense of overwhelming exhaustion begins to stifle our spiritual walk and growth. Start your day in the Word, and do not let the world squeeze those truths out of your mind or heart as the hours pass.

Of course, today is Friday, so I pray that you are able to spend some extra time this weekend in the pages of your Bible, reading about and getting to know better the Master who purchased you with His own blood. I also hope you'll find just a little time to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Don't miss out - hurry up and register for Hermeneutics with GetFed Online! (And speaking of GetFed, I had nothing to do with this!)
  • Or, if you'd prefer an online course full of lies and deception, Rob Bell can help you with that.
  • Where is it written that God doesn't speak audibly anymore?
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Some things are too bizarre to warrant witty comments, but as long as the Pope has blessed it…
  • I'm not a big movie person, but if I'm going to watch one, Toy Story is one of my favorites, so I'm kind of excited about this.
  • Steve Lawson has been preaching in Scotland.
  • If you don't mind, let's step back to Reformation Day briefly for this article.
  • Sorry, but our children do not need to hear Scripture twisted into mere self-esteem psychobabble, and the especially don't need to hear such garbage in church.
  • It's very important to me that you, my readers, have a full and sufficient Bible at your fingertips. That is why I try to bring you every personal word from the Lord that is received by the various apostles, teachers, and Beth Moores of the world—so you can add them to the back of your Bible and continue to expand the canon of scripture. This latest 'word' is from Cindy Jacobs.
  • Should I have put a sarcasm warning label on that last point? Cindy Jacobs is a false teacher who offers strange fire before the Lord. And speaking of, Phil Johnson speaks on Strange Fire, one year later:


  1. Cindy Jacobs, claiming to speak for the Lord, is one of many who have completely misinterpreted 1 Kings 19:9-18. If you want to hear this Scripture rightly interpreted have a listen to Phil Johnson’s excellent sermon “The Still, Small Voice”


  2. Regarding these "I have a word from God" or "God told me..." statements, I'm reminded of a statement John MacArthur made a few years back in response to a question. Forgive me for paraphrasing (i.e. diminishing), but essentially he said the Holy Spirit, as God, would never, could never affirm a false teaching, or a false teacher, or false doctrine. So you can look at the person who is making this statement and ask: is their doctrine absolutely perfect, 100% in alignment with scripture? If not, then their pronouncement cannot be of God. That to me is the strongest argument against the claim that they're speaking what God told them. Not one of these people is even CLOSE to having correct theology and understanding. Therefore we can logically and confidently conclude that what they are saying is false, if not blasphemous.


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