12 November 2014

Roma Downey's New TV Show Features Victoria Osteen, Kay Warren, Joyce Meyer and Others

Stand Up for the Truth reports:
Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett, who gave us the unbiblical The Bible and The Son of God films, is now making a 2-hour Lifetime Television series, “The Women of the Bible….”

The cast of characters for this new Women of the Bible reads like a who’s who list of problematic ministers: Victoria Osteen, Kay Warren, Australian pastorix Christine Caine, Priscilla Shirer, and Joyce Meyer.

Downey narrates, while the others act out the stories of Eve, Sara, Rehab, Mary Magdalene and Mary.

“Women of the Bible” is a prelude to a mini-series, called “The Red Tent,” starring Minnie Driver which imagines the story of Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob.

Downey is also set to host a series for TLC in 2015 on people who have witnessed real-life miracles.
Perhaps Beth Moore was unavailable?

Efforts like this one by Roma Downey are precisely why it is essential that women be equipped with the truth of God's Word. And here's a tip: if the Lifetime network has agreed to air it, it is not biblical.

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  1. So many Christians have absolutely no idea how spiritually dangerous Roma Downey and her husband, Mark Barnett are. They ARE New Agers! Satan is using these Hollywood actors to deceive the masses. You see, these actors start out in good, clean family shows, i.e. Touched By An Angel and then move into making "Christian" movies. And of course we are now seeing this with Kirk Cameron in Growing Pains followed by his "Christian" movies. Strategy accomplished! Now comes the deception because they have both won the loyalty and following of naïve Christians. And what's really sad, is when you warn your sisters in Christ about their deception and strategy -, they still can't see it and they don't want to either. The church better wake up from her slumber and soon!

  2. There is much confusion as to what is the "church". There are two groups forming...only one of which is the assembly of called out ones whom Jesus Christ has said He would build, Matthew 16:18.
    In the Greek, the word ekklesia is never translated "church". It is always "assembly". The full meaning of the word is "assembly of called-out people".


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