08 November 2014

Equipping Eve: Episode 1

As announced earlier this week, Do Not Be Surprised is excited to announce the launch of a new women's ministry, Equipping Eve.

Equipping Eve is a No Compromise Radio production, and will air every other Saturday via the NoCo podcast feed. The first episode of Equipping Eve is now available, and can be accessed here.

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  1. I listened to it earlier. Good job! I'm thrilled for you and for this opportunity for women to become better equipped with truth unvarnished and unadulterated. I'm looking forward to further episodes.

  2. Great show! (need to work on your radio voice a bit though)

    - Deborah

  3. Thank you both for the kind words, Elizabeth and Deborah!
    Radio voice: Yes, I know, I don't have one of those (that's why I'm a writer!), but I'm working on it! :)

  4. Erin, I listened to your interview with Pastor Mike as well as to your first episode of "Equipping Eve”. You are a clear communicator, and your words flowed more easily as you continued to speak.. I thank the Lord that He has opened up this opportunity for you and look forward to being a regular listener and learner.


  5. Excellent Erin!! So proud of you. I knew you could do it and what a blessing to have a young female solid Christian teacher doing this. I'm so glad the Lord brought us together and it's such a joy to watch the work that the Lord is doing in your life. Can't wait for more episodes! oh and I told Timmy he's not allowed to listen ;)
    Love ya sis!

  6. Erin, Thank you. I love the fact that your focus is God's Word, and light on the fluff. There has been a need for this for some time.

  7. Just listened--well done! Looking forward to the next episode (and I thought your radio voice was great)! :)

  8. Erin, thoroughly enjoyed your program and was blessed by it. Wonderful reminder that when we are discerning various ministries with others that we redirect the focus back to Jesus Christ and his saving grace, his sovereignty. Looking forward to the next one. I thought you sounded great!

  9. I love your show Equipping Eve. Thank you for doing it.


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