24 October 2014

This 'n' That

There are some things that you notice, but don't really think about. Like praise banners. What are praise banners? Praise banners are—I have recently learned—those big, festive, seasonal flags that some churches hang from the ceiling. Here, maybe this will help:

Yeah, I didn't know they were called praise banners either. But they are. And, better still, there exists out there an entire catalog of praise banners. Hey, would I lie about something this important?

But they don't just sell praise banners. From this catalog, your pastor can also order himself a new robe-vestment-thingy (I think that's the technical name. I haven't been Presbyterian since I was in junior high, so I can't quite recall.) You can also order stands on which to hang your praise banner. Or—and this is exciting—you can order two-sided lightpole banners!

Okay, okay, in truth, I have no animosity toward the praise banner. But it did strike me as funny that an entire catalog full of praise banners even exists. It's even more amusing that the catalog was addressed to my family name "or Banner Coordinator." Seriously? Do you think there's a church out there with someone on staff who is known as the "banner coordinator?" Do you order business cards for that?

Ah, well, tis the season for church banners, I guess. Now I just need a catalog where I can order one of those ribbon things that you're supposed to fling around while you dance and prance around the sanctuary as part of the praise dance team. But that's a topic for another day. So while I flip through this thing and pick out some particularly ostentatious banners to suggest that we hang from the ceiling of my church, why don't you take a few minutes out of your Friday and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • I'd like to say to Kirk Cameron the same thing I'd say to Pat Robertson if given the chance: Just stop talking.
  • And while we're at it, can New Age Roman Catholic Roma Downey please stop making television shows now?
  • Driscoll refused his elders' plan of restoration and instead simply resigned as pastor of Mars Hill Church. But it's okay, because Word Faith teacher Robert Morris thinks he's good to go.
  • Speaking of Driscoll, um, does Christianity Today have any idea what has actually transpired with that whole debacle? Based on this article, I'd say no.
  • I'm kind of surprised that these 'pastors' aren't okay with same-sex marriage. Usually wherever there's a female 'pastor', acceptance of homosexuality isn't far behind.
  • Someone needs to make this and tell me how it is.
  • Sometimes we all like to let Spurgeon do the talking.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Exciting times for Indianapolis Mormons. That is one big moron. Oh, sorry, I mean Moroni.
  • Whoa. If possible, this makes our great God seem even bigger and more amazing.
  • This No Compromise Radio interview with Pastor Don Green makes me wish Pastor Don and Pastor Mike would just sit for hours and talk and let the rest of us listen in. Good stuff.
  • Steve Lawson gives us a history lesson about Reformer Ulrich Zwingli.
  • Rick Warren wants to teach you how to hear God's voice. Um…no.
  • Loving God first:


  1. If the Mormons are against drinking, why is Moroni always pictured knocking back a yard of ale?

  2. anonymous from small townOctober 24, 2014 at 5:08 PM

    Narcissist Mark Driscoll is sadly indicative of many new pastors especially in megachurches. Sadly these abusive, narcissistic, and controlling men are also in small towns where pastors use the pulpit as a weapon to threaten any sheep that question their visions and who question their new revelations. They warn the sheep what will happen to them if they discuss doctrine irregularities. Small towns where you shop for groceries or get your car fixed, and do your banking. Sheep harmed by Driscoll are still in the fields wounded while this arrogant man hides behind his family difficulties to garner sympathy. Sorry that he placed his own family in such peril but call the police not stand with WoF heretic Richard Morris.

    Fighting for the Faith has a “special edition” episode of this cult like behavior of men like Driscoll, Noble, Warren, etc:


    In this “Special Edition” episode Dan Southerland suggests to ‘SHOOT THE DANG WOLF’. Shockingly he is referring to the sheep who bleat.

    If Driscoll really wants to improve then listen to REAL Christian men like Phil Johnson “Time to Act Like Men in the Church”.

    For those wounded by this abuse listen to Don Green “What to do With a Wolf” and see the difference truth makes.

  3. Mark Driscoll has been a concern for many years. Here is a link to “The Rape of Solomon’s Song” which is a 4 part review by John MacArthur of Driscoll’s disturbingly, vile sermon that Driscoll unleashed on his unwitting audience in 2007 which included children. What godly church leader would expose their flock to this man? I won’t provide the link to Driscoll’s sermon. I had to stop reading it after the first paragraph. Happy to see the book “Real Marriage” pulled. I found the review on certain chapters exceedingly disturbing. I cannot believe that the elders didn’t see his troubling behavior then and onwards, especially those elders who are now in litigation against him. THEY should have been protecting the flock, not themselves.


    Links to Part 2, 3 and 4 on the bottom on the same webpage.

  4. Watching mosaic law scam artist Robert Morris introducing neurotic, logorrheic manipulator Mark Driscoll for their planned and prearranged PR stunt (thanks to spin doctors from http://demoss.com) to manipulate emotionally all who feel first before they think was nauseating. Driscoll is picking up speed on his slippery slope and it will not be a soft landing... Word of faith heresy is definitively descending even lower with recruitment of recycled and damaged goods from leavenjellycalism while Morris is trying to create himself as "pastor of the the pastors". Just horrific festival of sin, hypocrisy, deal making for publicity and money dressed up in a garb of pious faith and sold to deceived and gullible for 10% of their income. ICHABOD.


  5. Thanks for the shout out my friend! I'll be sure to send you a praise banner as a thank you ;)

    Excellent work as always! And I am loving that you featured Art Azurdia for the video clip. He is one of our favs! He is featured in our book for the Gospel chapter, he puts it so perfectly.


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