03 October 2014

This 'n' That

Kinda makes you wonder what's been lost
in there, doesn't it?
I found this picture online and thought, "Now that's some hair. I need to use that." The problem was, of course, how could I use this amusing picture?

I then worked up a few introductory paragraphs about an observation once made by a coworker that the busyness of my day could be determined by whether or not my hair was pulled back by 1:00 pm or so. So I wrote that brief account. And then I read it. And then I deleted it because, really, who cares?

So here we are. It's Friday morning. I'm running late for work. The wind is blowing outside and the drizzling rain is making me wish I could just curl up with a good book for the day. But alas, work is calling and so is This 'n' That. Words of wisdom are needed. How else will you make it through your weekend? I cannot fail you now.

It is times like this when I turn to my bookshelf, whether real or virtual, and to the words of men far wiser and more eloquent than I:
To suppose that the Lord Jesus has only half saved men, and that there is needed some work or feeling of their own to finish His work, is wicked. What is there of ours that could be added to His blood and righteousness? “All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags” (Isa 64:6). Can these be patched on to the costly fabric of His divine righteousness? Rags and fine white linen! Our dross and His pure gold! It is an insult to the Saviour to dream of such a thing. We have sinned enough, without adding this to all our other offences.

Even if we had any righteousness in which we could boast; if our fig leaves were broader than usual, and were not so utterly fading, it would be wisdom to put them away, and accept that righteousness which must be far more pleasing to God than anything of our own. The Lord must see more that is acceptable in His Son than in the best of us. The best of us! The words seem satirical, though they were not so intended. What best is there about any of us? “There is none that doeth good; no, not one” (Rom 3:12). I who write these lines, would most freely confess that I have not a thread of goodness of my own. I could not make up so much as a rag, or a piece of a rag. I am utterly destitute. But if I had the fairest suit of good works which even pride can imagine, I would tear it up that I might put on nothing but the garments of salvation, which are freely given by the Lord Jesus, out of the heavenly wardrobe of His own merits....

The reason why we may hope for forgiveness of sin, and life eternal, by faith in the Lord Jesus, is that God has so appointed. He has pledged Himself in the gospel to save all who truly trust in the Lord Jesus, and He will never run back from His promise. He is so well pleased with His only- begotten Son, that He takes pleasure in all who lay hold upon Him as their one and only hope. The great God Himself has taken hold on him who has taken hold on His Son. He works salvation for all who look for that salvation to the once- slain Redeemer. For the honour of His Son, He will not suffer the man who trusts in Him to be ashamed. “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life” (Joh 3:36); for the ever- living God has taken him unto Himself, and has given to him to be a partaker of His life. If Jesus only be your trust, you need not fear but what you shall effectually be saved, both now and in the day of His appearing.

Charles Spurgeon, Around the Wicket Gate
So there you go. Far better than anything I could have offered you today! So now why don't you let your hair down and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • The Cripplegate suggests three good books to give to non-Christians.
  • Ah, so that was Mark Driscoll's mistake. Got it.
  • This just makes me laugh. 'Stealth Calvinism'—sounds like a TBN made-for-TV movie.
  • Um, yes, please.
  • Have you subscribed yet to Expositor Magazine? I have!
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable. 
  • Thanks to Pastor Don Green for posting this article on his Facebook page. He writes, "It has been nearly 60 years since Jim Elliott and four other missionaries died in the jungle of Ecuador. It has been nearly 20 years since Steve Saint wrote this article describing how they died and how their killers eventually came to know the Christ those missionaries came to tell them about."
  • Oh. Okay, then. I wonder how the TSA liked that.
  • In all seriousness, though, this Ebola thing is getting a little too real.
  • "Gordon College will spend the next year studying current campus policies on same-sex behavior."
  • Do you truly know the Lord?

photo credit: roberthuffstutter via photopin cc


  1. Stealth Calvinism. By writing a statement of faith. If writing something down for others to read is stealth, I would not recommend a career in espionage.

  2. What a great Spurgeon clip!
    I had to go back and re-read it after reading the article on that TLC show and the Mark Driscoll article. Wow! One is like a video feed from a sewer and the other is just a big billboard example of unrepentance. Wait...you could probably easily interchange those.

    Enjoyed the book recommendations and the modesty article.

    Then you how to go and end with a knock-it-out-of-the-park video. Nicely done for the weekend.


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