29 October 2014

No Compromise Radio: Don't Put God In a Box

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  1. The Bible is God's Box; don't think for a second this box is too small or restrictive. This box, available to anyone, starts with an amazing, all-powerful statement: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
    To the NAR, WoF, and other wolves out there: You can't replicate the absolute power that that opening line speaks of and reveals, not even if you tried.

  2. Love this. Thanks for the post.

    - Deborah

  3. "But the heavens and the earth,which are now ,by THE SAME WORD are kept in store, reserved unto fire against The Day Of Judgement and Perdition of ungodly men." Even so,Come, LORD JESUS. -oneoftwo114-

  4. 99! Yet this is precisely what they say and do in Pentecostalism. They claim to believe in Scripture alone yet that is a slogan only, vacuous and hypocritical disclaimer only. For they have their visions, dreams, manifestations, revelations and experiences that are being looked on; quoted and proclaimed just as the Scripture if not more... The favorite revelation of God in Pentecostalism is not The Word of God but sadly the word of men and specifically in a most popular firm of "testimonies".



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