19 September 2014

This 'n' That

photo credit: Dekcuf via photopin cc
Well, I’m typing this in the dark with the last vestiges of my laptop battery. The power is out here and so is the internet, so I’m typing in a Word document, hopeful that both will be restored before I leave for work so that I can quickly paste this into Blogger and get this post published on Friday as per the usual schedule.

Of course, things like this never happen at a convenient time. Do you know how difficult it is to research for and write a term paper in the dark with no computer? It’s crazy. It’s like I’m living in 1887 or something. Or maybe even 1987, before the time when we all had computers in our pockets. It truly is amazing how spoiled we are, isn’t it? Indeed, we are blessed.

Well, I’m going to end this before my battery runs out. Hopefully you won’t have to sit in the dark while you enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Some people are a little irritated or disappointed that Logos, makers of the Bible software, has changed its company name to 'FaithLife'. Oooh…sounds very missional, doesn't it? How loving and relevant of them. Honestly, I think this is a good move. Logos is like the electronic equivalent of Family Christian Stores, with their offerings of Roman Catholic resource packages being just one example. So 'FaithLife' seems much more 'seeker-friendly'. Congrats on the pragmatism, Logos, er, FaithLife.
  • I don't get why denominations like the PCUSA even want to be known as being Christian. I mean, if you deny the deity of Christ and the authority of the Word, what's the point? You obviously hate the Lord, so why would you want to be associated with Him at all?
  • Football is back, so be prepared for the occasional commentary on a Packers game. This week I have to say congrats to Packers kicker Mason Crosby for setting this record on Sunday. It wasn't too many seasons ago when I cringed every time Crosby took the field. Atta boy.
  • I'm just glad this isn't my tax dollars at work.
  • I care about my readers. So when James Goll receives a "prophecy" from "God," I feel obligated to share it with you. You know, for those of you who don't regularly read Charisma. I am particularly excited about the coming 'Holy Ghost Woodstocks.' Those sound totally legit.
  • It's megachurch tithing season! Woo hoo!
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • The article is not as funny as the hats in the picture.
  • Okay, butterfly aside, my flute teacher would have strangled me if I had moved around this much while playing. Of course, maybe not…if I had played as well as this young lady.
  • I feel like I should be holding an Epi-Pen when I watch this.
  • You know I often link to free book downloads. Well, I would be remiss if I didn't share with you this free download of Patricia King's latest book. You remember Patricia King, don't you? In this book, she wants to help you develop your 5 spiritual senses. Yeah…
  • James MacDonald has apologized. No, not for this (it's okay, I don't mind waiting) or this (as far as I know), or for inviting über-wolf Steven Furtick into his pulpit, or for teaching the unbiblical, manipulative notion that God will curse your finances if you fail to tithe, but for last year's public shaming of several elders who failed to properly uphold the "yes man" role for which they had been chosen. I'm guessing the whole Driscoll thing at least got him thinking, so that's a start.
  • Jim Bakker wants to help you prepare for the apocalypse.
  • How to listen to the Lord:


  1. The power outage has fine-tuned your wit! You got some great zingers in this post.

    I'm sensing that James Goll's visions all started with number 2 on his list: "While recovering from surgery, I had an amazing encounter" Yes James, it's called painkillers, possibly not unlike those used at Woodstock and has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.

    Do people actually tithe more after watching such videos??? It made me nauseous. Good thing you ended with John MacArthur to help air out the ridiculousness.

  2. MacDonald - apologies notwithstanding, he is another man whose conduct (not only the public shaming of elders, but the crashing of Strange Fire) - and in some areas teaching (like his manipulative fear-based tithe mongering, and his willing promotion of false teachers such as Furtick) does not meet the pastoral requirements laid out in 1 Tim 3 and Titus 1.


  3. Yes, those two men and their hats are funny. For a variety of reasons, they remind me of another weird setup . . . Teletubbies.

  4. Call me cynical, mean or whatever you wish but consider my point. That is that James MacDonald's recent apology was primarily a preemptive and strategic move in his political scheming rather than a genuine repentance and grief over how much hurt he has done personally and through his proxy pawns. MacDonald is a shrewd operator and he got the wind from the west coast and the growing scent of developments there with his man child buddy Driscoll 's troubles and realized the same can and eventually will happen in HBC . Henceforth his confession and apology to have a preemptive momentum in any potential trouble coming his way. Wonder how those four gullible ponies of MacDonald who were ridden so hard a year ago thanks to their utter ignorance, lack of discernment and biblical illiteracy (and lets call it plainly, massive foolishness) feel today? Where is the statement of apology from MacDonald's proxies of Steve Huston, Randy Williams, Paul Inserra, Jamie Harrison ???

    Where? More importantly will there be any discipline and instruction done for those four incompetent and foolish men who still somehow hold positions of leadership as elders in the visible church? Of course there will not be. They will go on and on and extend their foolishness whatever they will be allowed to which is whatever their are perceived as "men of God". Whether at HBC, bible study (brrrr...) or other Christian gathering.

    The bottom line is that James MacDonald should have step down and long time ago and no limited apologies can change that. He has far more to be accounted for than the ridiculous video with four incompetent and foolish actors done to placate his ego and his nefarious, egoistic personal games. He is responsible for hurting hundreds if not thousands of people and propagating a set of heresies among so many. For example, his heretical ecclesiology, his invention of quid quo pro "god", for letting loose into leavenjellycalism modalistic heresy of greedy wolf TD Jakes, not too mention his hypocrite like wealth life style while telling deceived and abused folk of HBC to "sacrifice financially". The list is long and goes on and on. The problem is that ignorance and illiteracy of so many at HBC system is even longer and artificially extended as needed by this shrewd operator and his team of expendable and clueless sycophants. Yet this is all until the appointed time. Until then and no more.

    Sapere aude.



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