14 August 2014

Shattering the Idol of 'Free' Will

Few idols are as sacred to today's professing Christians than that of the idea of man's 'free' will. But is this a biblical doctrine? Or does it stand contrary to Scripture? Are those who cling to their 'free' will actually standing in opposition to the revealed Word of the triune God?

Pastor Don Green of Truth Community Fellowship opens up the Scriptures and boldly shatters this idol that so many hold dear. Listen to this message, open your Bible, and, as Pastor Green says, "read it, and then come back and talk about your free will." If you do, you will find that "our will is not free to choose God in the strength of our own power."

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  1. Erin, thanks for the encouraging message by pastor Don Green. His accurate description of a lost sinner is unforgettable. "It's not that he's struggling for air as he's drowning in the ocean, it's that he's already drowned and at the bottom of the sea. You can't throw him a life preserver ... he can't reach for it ... he's dead!"

  2. What I have been trying to say for 40 years, Pastor Don Green said it so eloquently. The Arminianists in my sphere of influence are hard pressed to discern this truth. Only God in His sovereign power to change their hearts can make the difference in their capacity to believe the truth.


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