30 August 2014

'God's Glory Bible' — A Blasphemous Display of Patriotic Idolatry

It is an unfortunate reality that many self-professed Christians in America equate patriotism with Christianity. As a result, patriotic idolatry is rampant in this country as many seek to "turn America back to Jesus" or "return America to the Christian nation it once was." These people do not realize that Christianity is not a national identity, it is a matter of personal faith. Might a nation be dominated by one particular faith? Yes. But are we as Christians called to create a "Christian nation"? No. Further, nowhere in Scripture does our Lord say that America is His chosen land. Nowhere has He said that He loves America more than all others, or that He has blessed America above all nations. In fact, if one desire to be technical, it is Israel that God once chose as His people, and it is she who is the apple of His eye (Zech 2:8). But that is a matter for another day.

As 'America for Jesus' rallies, prayer events and other patriotic shenanigans occur in the name of Christianity, there may be perhaps no greater demonstration of the blasphemy of patriotic idolatry than in the recently released 'God's Glory Bible.'


The website description reads:
God’s Glory™ Bible is a symbol of God and Country united. Its cover is a Star Spangled Banner of red, white and blue and you know it is the Holy Bible from its size, shape and gilt page edges. Instantly putting both of these images together – it looks like the Holy Bible wrapped in an American Flag. God’s Glory™ Bible – One Nation Under God. (Source)
One wonders: where exactly is it in Scripture that 'God and Country'—meaning God and America—are to be united? The description continues:
On the front cover one gold star shines above the golden words, “Holy Bible”. Its deep blue field has thirteen stars in total: 12 white stars representing the 12 disciples and one gold star representing Jesus. Together, the thirteen stars represent the 13 original colonies of the United States of America. (Source)
Yes, the God's Glory Bible has just equated Jesus and His disciples with the 13 original colonies of the United States. Why? How? What possible reason could there be for such ridiculous thinking?

Answer: Sin. National narcissism. Biblical ignorance. A desire to worship a god of one's own design. In this case, that god is one whose favorite colors are red, white and blue. Those who believe such nonsense will one day make a startling and terrifying discovery: their American god does not exist. But the true God, the God who judges and reigns over all people of every nation, will say to them as they stand before His throne, "Depart from Me, I never knew you." What a remarkably paralyzing thought.

A little digging around on the website for the God's Glory Bible reveals what is at the heart of the developers' misguided notions regarding God and salvation. On the FAQs page, one finds the following:
Those who engage in patriotic idolatry such as this do so because they do not understand the true, saving gospel of grace. It is not their good works that matter, nor is it their good works that will save. What does it matter eternally if one helps an old woman to cross the street, or rescues a kitten out of a tree, or even stands in the line of fire serving in the military? These are all noble and wonderful things, and are not to be disparaged. Ultimately, however, they will mean nothing at the Day of Judgment. They will mean nothing as the do-gooder lies in his deathbed still lost in his sin, unprepared to meet the God who created him. The only good works worth recording, the only good works worth telling, are those performed by the Lord Jesus Christ.
A ruler questioned Him, saying, “Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone. (Luke 18:18–19)
No one is good. No, not one. Only God. Only Christ. Only His works can withstand the flames of God's righteous judgment. That is why fallen man must acknowledge his sinfulness and the futility of his so-called good works, repent of his sin, and trust in Christ and His work alone for salvation.

And on that day when man stands before God, the question will not be: "Did you proudly fly Old Glory?" God does not care if a man can recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The sovereign God of the universe will not ask, "To which country did you belong?" No, rather, on that day, the only question that will matter is: Which God did you worship? The God of the Bible, or the god of your misguided and sinful imagination?

The God's Glory Bible exists to do anything but bring glory to God. May those who are responsible for it repent and cease flying the flag of patriotic idolatry.

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  1. I also have a problem with men who put their names on the Bible. ( such as John McArthur, David Jeremiah, etc.) Not that I think they are not men of GOD, as I have learned a great deal from them, its almost like they want some of the glory GOD should receive that is due only to HIM.

  2. Putting country above Christ....idolatry indeed

    1. Hey Erin, How are you doing these days?

      Amen antb2u.....I have always said they raise the flag and America above the cross.

      I simply can not say the pledge to the flag and will never do it again.


  3. I found it curious that the version chosen for this idolatrous adventure is the King James, originating not in the USA, but in the nation that the patriots are proud to have rebelled against. I suspect that it may have something to do with the fact that it is in the public domain, so no permission is required.

    1. The fact that it uses the King James Version is it's redeeming value. Maybe this will get the KJV in more hands.


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