15 August 2014

A False Assumption

A week or so ago, I was looking at my wall calendar, trying to determine when some upcoming appointments were scheduled. My eye drifted to August 15 and I noticed that the calendar had labeled that day 'The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.' Are you kidding? Do people actually acknowledge that false, make-believe, fairy-tale day? How strange.

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Then, earlier this week I was on a conference call with some of my colleagues in Europe. We were discussing timelines and schedules so that we could work together to complete our project on time, and they announced, "Well, we won't be in the office on Friday. That's a holiday."

"What holiday is it?" we asked.

"Oh, some religious holiday."

I knew right away it was Assumption Day, and they soon confirmed my suspicion. So not only has this day made it onto our print calendars, but it's become a public holiday in some countries.

What exactly is the so-called holy day of 'The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary'?

The feast of the assumption of Mary is celebrated every year on August 15. According to Catholic Encyclopedia,
This feast has a double object: (1) the happy departure of Mary from this life; (2) the assumption of her body into heaven. It is the principal feast of the Blessed Virgin. 
Exercising his papal 'infallibility', in 1950 Pope Pius XII declared it to be a dogma of the Roman Catholic Church
that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory. 
Pope Pius XII's declaration, Munificentissimus Deus also states,
Yet, according to the general rule, God does not will to grant to the just the full effect of the victory over death until the end of time has come. And so it is that the bodies of even the just are corrupted after death, and only on the last day will they be joined, each to its own glorious soul. 
Now God has willed that the Blessed Virgin Mary should be exempted from this general rule. She, by an entirely unique privilege, completely overcame sin by her Immaculate Conception, and as a result she was not subject to the law of remaining in the corruption of the grave, and she did not have to wait until the end of time for the redemption of her body. 
The fact that this is declared as dogma means that it must be believed by every Roman Catholic:
Assumption into heaven- which surely no faculty of the human mind could know by its own natural powers, as far as the heavenly glorification of the virginal body of the loving Mother of God is concerned-is a truth that has been revealed by God and consequently something that must be firmly and faithfully believed by all children of the Church. For, as the Vatican Council asserts, "all those things are to be believed by divine and Catholic faith which are contained in the written Word of God or in Tradition, and which are proposed by the Church, either in solemn judgment or in its ordinary and universal teaching office, as divinely revealed truths which must be believed."  
Note that the above states that all things are to be believed "which are contained in the written Word of God or in Tradition, and which are proposed by the Church . . ."

Yet, where is the teaching in Scripture that Mary (a) was 'immaculately conceived' and (b) was 'assumed' bodily into heaven as was her son, the Lord Jesus Christ?

The answer is simple—this teaching is nowhere to be found in God's Word. There are not even passages that can be twisted to appear as though they even weakly support such a claim. This is the result of a refusal to affirm sola Scriptura. This is what happens when God's Word is not enough for sinful man. Thus, Rome must turn to its sacred tradition to support this teaching. Yet, as Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry notes, "Unfortunately, the first few hundred years of "tradition" make no mention whatsoever of the bodily assumption of Mary. In fact, we find contradictory evidence in Early Church Tradition."

It is clear from Scripture that Jesus cared deeply for His mother. This is evident even as He hung bleeding and dying and used some of His final breaths to commission John to care for Mary (John 19:26–27). If Christ had desired for His followers to elevate His mother to a pedestal to be worshiped, then, and if she was to be assumed into Heaven just as He was (Acts 1:9–11), would not our Lord have left instruction for such veneration? As the Apostle Paul continued the observance of the Lord's Supper, and called the early church to faithfully proclaim the Lord's death until He comes again (1 Cor 11:26), why did he not also teach the churches about the feast day commemorating the assumption of Mary into Heaven? Why was the church required to wait so many centuries before uncovering such an important treasure?

Again, the answer is simple: because this day is not a treasure, it is another pile of dung buried in a chest of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. On the outside, this chest looks opulent. It is shiny and rich looking, bejeweled and golden. But lift the lid, and one finds only the stench of waste. Wasted works, wasted money, dead souls.

Rome may have placed an anathema upon those who proclaim the true gospel, but all Christians everywhere must declare the Roman Catholic Church to be anathema (Gal 1:8, 9), for it teaches a false and damning gospel that leads only to eternal judgment. It does not teach the saving gospel of grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ, the one and only King, alone.

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  1. Truly, while reading about the 'The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,' I snorted so hard that stuff came out of my nose; I'm not kidding. Satan is doing backflips of joy over the delusion that is called the RCC, surely.

  2. "The fact is, the most formidable, relentless, and deceptive enemy in Satan’s long war on the truth has been Roman Catholicism. It’s an apostate, corrupt, heretical, false Christianity—a thinly veiled fa├žade for the kingdom of Satan." - John MacArthur



  3. You may find it interesting to note that the doctrine of papal infallibility was rejected by the early church. In fact, it did not became Roman Catholic doctrine until 1870 - and then by a split vote.

  4. Does no one see the similarities between the Pharisees and today's RCC? They are a mirror image! They corrupt the Word of God and make extra biblical writings (Vatican 1 & 2) that speak of man's traditions. Every time I read in the Word about when Jesus confronts the Pharisees regarding their traditions over the Word of God, I immediately think RCC! It is mind boggling that no one else has pick up on this. Or am I crazy? Hummm..conspiracy theory?

    1. You are not crazy; you are alert and discerning. Keep it there, and always proclaim the truth in love.

  5. "What, then, are we looking at? We are looking at a system; and I would not hesitate to assert that this system, Known as Roman Catholicism, is the devil's greatest masterpiece! It is such a departure from the Christian faith and the New Testament teaching, that I would not hesitate with the Reformers of the sixteenth century to describe it as "apostasy". Now let us be clear about this.

    We define apostasy as a kind of total departure from the Christian truth. "Well," says someone, "are you saying that about the Roman Catholic Church?" We have to be most careful here. If we say that Roman Catholicism is apostasy we must be clear as to the sense in which that is true. let me put it like this therefore. Here it is not so much a matter of "denial" of the truth, but rather such an addition to the truth that eventually it becomes a departure from it."

    Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

    More here: http://bit.ly/1gXYoTj



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