23 July 2014

Woman Lets 'Jesus' Take the Wheel, Drives Over Motorcyclist

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports:
Lying helplessly in the street and watching the car that just knocked him off his motorcycle bearing down on him, Anthony Oliveri was resigned to his fate.
photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

“When I looked at that bumper and looked at that tire, I told myself, today is the day you die,” he said Thursday of the July 11 crash.

He closed his eyes and the car ran over his midsection, breaking all the ribs on his left side, cutting his spleen, bruising a kidney and leaving him with road rash and severe injuries to the muscles in his left arm and leg.

The car eventually came to a stop when it drove into landscaping between two fast-food restaurants several blocks east of the crash at West Jefferson Boulevard and Jackson Street.

The car’s driver, 25-year-old Prionda C. Hill, told police she let go of the wheel shortly before the crash because “God told her he would take it from here,” according to the probable cause affidavit filed Thursday in Allen Superior Court.

As a result of the crash, Hill, of the 2100 block of Weisser Park Avenue, was charged with failure to stop after an accident resulting in injury or death, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and two counts of criminal mischief.

(Source, emphasis added)
This is what happens when people start to listen to the voice in their head that claims to be God. How is the voice in Prionda Hill's head any different from the voice that told Beth Moore to take a 'Sabbath moment' playdate with God? Or how is it any different from the other direct revelations and prophecies that Beth Moore purports have been spoken to her by God? How is it any different from the 'Jesus' that allegedly spoke to Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling? How is it any different from any of the other wildly fantastic claims of direct, audible communication from God made by charismatics today?

Answer: It is not different. It is not different at all.

"But wait!" Someone wails, "It is different! This so-called divine voice led Prionda Hill to do something foolish, an act that ultimately ended in a violent accident. Beth Moore, Sarah Young, and all those other professing Christians aren't wreaking havoc like that!"

Aren't they?

What of the people that have been led into a state of despair because 'God' does not speak to them the way He 'speaks' to their favorite teacher or leader? What of the myriads who have been led astray by the false doctrine taught by these same people—people who have been instructed by a false God who exists only in their mind and is animated either by their own fanciful whims or by the enemy of men's souls?

What of the many who have left this life in a state of deception, ignorant even of the true gospel due to the erroneous teaching of such men and women? What of them who now are lost for eternity because they spent this life consumed with the notion that God might speak to them audibly, and thus they ignored His true teaching—the teaching of life and salvation—as found in His Word? They who writhe in eternal torment are far worse off than the man on the motorcycle, who by God's grace survived Ms. Hill's delusional antics.

It is not different. All those who hear whispering voices in their head are deceived, either by their own mind, narcotic influence, or by the Great Deceiver.

photo credit: ChrisK4u via photopin cc
It is not different. One can no sooner argue with Prionda Hill than one can argue with Beth Moore or Sarah Young. Who are you to question the experience of another? Were you there, inside of their mind when they heard these divine mutterings? If not, then you have no legitimate argument against them. And that, beloved, is why we do not listen for God whispers or heavenly murmurs.

We have a thing more sure, namely, the very Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, inerrant in its original text, sufficient for all things, and written so that men might know their Creator, their King, their Lord, their Savior, Jesus Christ. Why strain for a whisper when the words on the page of your Bible are clear and do not stutter or stammer?
Sustain me according to Your word, that I may live; And do not let me be ashamed of my hope. Uphold me that I may be safe, That I may have regard for Your statutes continually. (Psalm 119:116–117)
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  1. Wow! Succinct. Full of truth. Thank you

  2. I like how you've connected the seemingly 'spiritual' behavior of those who quote the Lord in the church (Beth Moore) to the 'crazy' behavior of those who quote Him outside the church (Prionda Hill). There really is no distinction, is there?

    People don't realize how offensive the God Told Me Syndrome (GTMS, coined by Dan Phillips here http://bibchr.blogspot.com/2010/04/from-chan-taking-step-of-faith-meta.html) really IS.

    In the 1980s and 1990s along with other slick televangelists, Jimmy Swaggart was hugely popular. He also had a very close relationship with the 'Lord', like Beth Moore's. Swaggart apparently had long conversations with the Lord, and would extra-biblically quote the Lord in his interviews and sermons, much the same as Beth Moore does.

    However, outside of the public eye, Swaggart was sinning greatly. But our sins always find us out (Num 32:23) and Swaggart was exposed. He cried. He recovered. He was exposed again, this time being found with a prostitute by the side of the road. He still went up to the pulpit to preach. This time Swaggart didn't cry but instead defended his continuation as a pastor by saying to his congregation,

    "The Lord told me it's flat none of your business."

    The gross part about Swaggart's case of GTMS is that in Swaggart defended his sin by making Jesus complicit in it. He USED holy God as a cover for sexual immorality. The next day he used GTMS again, quoting the 'Lord', by telling them God said he was to continue as televangelist. "He said, `You tell them that Thursday morning you'll be making television programs,' " http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19911017&slug=1311458

    The issues with GTMS are many. One problem is, the more one extrabiblically quotes the "Lord", the more they bring Him down from His throne in heaven. Secondly, every person who quotes the Lord extrabiblically will eventually use Him for their own sinful purposes. This is because personally, I think the more they quote the Lord, the more they are sinning inside, that it’s an inverse correlation. The more they quote Jesus, the more they puff themselves up and the less He becomes. However, their sin will be exposed at some point. The tragedy is that when it does, by then they have such a skewed view of “Jesus” that they won’t turn to Him as savior but only use Him as their cover and excuse. The inverse correlation will be complete.

    It’s only a matter of time before it happens to Moore. She is quoting Him extrabiblically so often now, it seems that moment is coming faster and faster.

    1. Elizabeth, I didn't watch much of Swaggart because I thought he was a fraud so I didn't know about all his extra biblical quotes from the Lord. WOW, if that doesn't give some of these people who claim they hear directly from the Lord a skipped heartbeat or two here on earth I don't know what will.

      As for Beth Moore, yes I can see that she is losing control quickly (her Outpouring is really, really scary) so I have prayed for her and many like her but I am more focused upon the millions of people who are drawn away by these false teachers and my heart truly grieves for them. I was one of them.

  3. This is a long comment but it is important. I’ll break it into 2 comments. Please bear with me. My mother was heavily involved in the occult and the Roman Catholic church. She was from Ireland and this is not uncommon in Ireland to have visions and hear voices and have premonitions. I have a link to a website that has a story from the famous magazine “Ireland’s Own” for proof of the many people who state they have visions of Mary and the other saints that the Roman Catholic church has canonized. She drew me into the occult world with paranormal/psychic conventions when I was a young teenager exposing me early to these dangerous teachings. I witnessed people who stood up and gave readings to strangers in the audience, participated in séances which totally frightened me.

    Now in some churches they call these people prophets who will give you “a word of encouragement” and guide you to make life changing decisions and have you participate in group activities to encourage you to “listen for the Holy Spirit” for a fresh word. They claim they hear directly from God.

    I grew up with the belief that spirits beyond this world spoke to us and directed, guided and warned us. This became the contaminated soil I stood on when I left the Roman Catholic church. I became exposed to Pentecostal Charismatic churches. And due to my background of the Roman Catholic church and the psychic occult exposure I didn’t see anything unusual about what was going on in these churches. I didn’t FEEL comfortable with all the weird things that were happening but I thought this is where I could find Jesus. I thought this was somewhat normal. It is not and it is definitely not the way to meet Jesus.

    I give this background because I know that all of this ‘God spoke to me’ teaching is exceedingly dangerous and getting more prevalent. I know why I am horrified and startled when I see those who are obvious when they make these claims but it is the ones who are friendly, popular and speak about the love of Jesus and the love of God, these are the ones who we need to be very careful of listening to. It is the occult plain and simple but they have tacked the name of Jesus onto it to like a bumper sticker on a car to make it seem legitimate. They do this by claiming it is the works of the Holy Spirit. How grieved He must be!!


  4. Part 2 of my comment:

    If God had not been longsuffering towards me I would never have known that the teachings I was involved with in the Pentecostal charismatic churches were dangerous with the text proofing, the eisegesis, the allegorizing of Scripture, the damnable lies about activities going on that were attributed to the Holy Spirit, the dangers of false teachers like Beth Moore, the dangers of people like Sarah Young using automatic writing and claiming it is Jesus talking to her. These false teachers had better repent of their demonic involvement and subsequent teachings before they find themselves standing before the Lord in the Judgment seat and for all eternity are unable to repent.

    For all of you who are loyal to these teachers who claim extra biblical revelations be warned! Your loyalty must be to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The true Holy Spirit will only use the Word of God to lead you to Him. These other people are dangerous. And they are not simply misguided. They claim to be Bible teachers and have been around a long time. They lead you to false Christs and away from the Bible. Colossians 2:8. They have been warned by many that their Bible teachings and work for the Kingdom is not of God and they have chosen to ignore the godly advice. We all have to go through the narrow gate alone, naked and then stand before God and we had better make sure we know the true Jesus Christ of the Bible or for all eternity reap what we sow.

    Tony Palmer, who died in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, faced the same God who we will have to face. His account to God of following false teachers like Kenneth Copeland and seeking to join everyone with the Roman Catholic Church is a terrifying thought. He said he became saved and almost immediately became involved with KCM and then immediately upon marrying his wife pursued the Roman Catholic church in the hopes of uniting everyone in one big church. This is the real danger of being exposed to false teachings. Without the more sure Word of God we truly are at the mercy of every word from the “spirit of the age” and have no certainty of our eternal destination. Ephesians 4:14 “So that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.”

    Here is a link to a story that once appeared in the “Irelands Own”. You will not only see how demonic this is but you will also see the similarities between the claims they make to those of the claims made by Beth Moore and Sarah Young and all the other people who claim to ‘hear from God’:


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    2. Just a note: the above comment was removed at the commenter's request.

  5. Amen! Great post. When those who are "leaders" teach that you can hear a word from God, we shouldn't be surprised when the average citizen claims they hear from God. Who doesn't want to be elevated to the level of hearing a private word from God? It works out great because then you can make it fit whatever you need or desire you have, right????

    When the perfect, holy God decided that His method of revealing Himself would be His Word, I think He knew that it would be more than enough for us and that it was the best method of doing so. Could it be that He knew we would be tempted to elevate ourselves or misrepresent Him????

    Let us pray that God will truly reveal Himself to this woman and those who are publicly making these claims.

  6. This is an honest question and not meant to be argumentative in any way....I of course do not agree with God speaking to Prionda Hill or Jimmy Swaggart. And I don't listen to Beth Moore very often, however I did read your article on Beth Moore's sabbath moments. Does God never speak to us to tell us to take a break, we are working towards burnout or to call a friend in need or anything like that? Telling Beth Moore to take a break is not prophecy or divine revelation. A couple of years ago I was going through a time thinking God didn't care about my problems since I am "just a housewife". Then one Sunday a friend gave me a devotional for homeschooling moms. I broke down in church because it was just what I needed to be reminded that God does care. I told her this and she said she felt that God wanted her to get it for me and then it was confirmed when she got home from the store. Was that not God talking to her in that still small voice? Those thoughts that seem to come from God? I DO NOT believe God reveals anything to anyone as prophecy as if something is missing from the Bible. I just feel that Gid does speak to us personally about what's going on in our lives. Maybe I am wrong though.

    1. Hi Homeschoolmom,

      I completely understand what you are saying but perhaps Phil Johnson in his sermon entitled "Providence IS Remarkable" explains what you are talking about much better that I can.

      One paragraph from this sermon: "Instead, Jesus teaches them a truth we know as the doctrine of providence. He stresses the fact that God is intimately involved in all the details of our lives, even when we can’t consciously sense His presence, even when we don’t understand what He’s doing or why He’s doing it."

      I hope this link to the sermon helps you. God bless you.


    2. Thanks for your reply Colette. I understand what you are saying. And the sermon was GREAT! Thank you! Sometimes I feel that more and more pastors and teachers have just been led astray or could lead me astray. It is harder and harder to find good books that really do follow God's Word. I love John MacArthur though and his ministry.

    3. Please watch this video! He goes through the history and origins of the "God Told Me" syndrome. Basically we confuse thoroughly the ILLUMINATION of the holy spirit with further revelation. God promises (basically) to meet with us when we open his word. To illuminate or make alive that which is ALREADY WRITTEN. There is no promise in scripture that we will receive new revelation, though. See the distinction?


      Here's what I dont get. If anybody said today that they found the missing 67th book of the bible. We'd all call them heretics. But if they "journal" what God tells them when they pray... We call them super spiritual. What's up with that?

    4. Thank you Donny. I think I understand divine providence and "God led me to do it or God was speaking to me". I have always thought there was a difference between "God told me details of future events and when He will return" and "I felt God telling me to call this friend of mine and come to find out, she was having a rough time and needed someone to talk to". Now of course the first example is heresy. God has told us everything He wants to tell us about past and future events in His word. But I now understand that saying "God spoke to me about doing something (calling a friend, taking a break, moving) is also heresy. God has said everything He wants to say about everything in the Bible. He is just working out His will. He knew that I would go through a time thinking He didn't care about my hard days at home with my children. He caused my friend to go to the Christian Book Store and buy me a devotional knowing that it would help me to see that He does care about my days. He didn't "tell her" to buy me the book. He just caused her to through his power and providence.

      At least I think I have it all down now. : ) I love that the Bible is living and we can never say we know everything there is to know about it.

    5. yeah. i dont want to make it sound like i have it ALL figured out in a nice and neat tidy bow. But generally speaking, the holy spirit will remind us of scripture and convict us of sin.

      So if I'm suddenly reminded that my neighbor should be comforted at the loss of their grandmother. We 'SAY" god told me to take them some casserole. But what really is happening is an illumination of Galatians 6:9-10. Or a conviction of a possible sin for ignoring someone in need. A better way for us to communicate is to say, "I felt convicted to share with my neighbor"

      That seems like petty semantics, but saying GTM quickly leads to the other REVELATION type GTM that the bible itself condemns.

      I just hope we use bible terms in biblical ways. Almost every time in the Bible a GTM was a literal God was speaking in an audible voice type moment. For example, that still small voice in 1 kings 19:12 was never an impression interpreted by some inner sense by Elijah. That still small voice was an actual audible voice straight from God. Read the text, they talk for several verses!

      Anyhow, Good topic. As the sermon from Tommy Nelson mentions just about every cult known today started with GTM. I cant think of a better way of opening the floodgates to every kind of false doctrine under the sun than for us to ignore Sola Scriptura. And it appears thats exactly what the devil is trying to do. I just cant believe so many are silent about it.

    6. Thank you Donny for this response and link to that sermon by Tommy Nelson on this topic.

      What you said resonated with me:
      "Or a conviction of a possible sin for ignoring someone in need. A better way for us to communicate is to say, "I felt convicted to share with my neighbor"

      That seems like petty semantics, but saying GTM quickly leads to the other REVELATION type GTM that the bible itself condemns.

      I just hope we use bible terms in biblical ways."

      Tommy Nelson's sermon on this topic was quite thorough. I truly appreciated what he taught. I have never heard of him before so I am going to check out his sermon series on 'Church History' Vol 1 & Vol 2.

  7. Amen! Only His word will last. Thanks for the post, it's truly encouraging to know we have co-laborers in the field.

  8. I could not post my comment,maybe it was too long, so here it is on my site: http://jaysreport.com/my-response-to-article-posted-on-donotbesurprised-com/


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