25 July 2014

This 'n' That

Well, I recently returned from 'vacation'. I use the term loosely because mine is always a working (schoolwork, that is) vacation. But, it gives me an opportunity to visit one of my favorite parts of the country and the campus is pretty and peaceful (most of the time, anyway). And while there have been some mildly disappointing administrative changes in the program, and while I am, after all this time, anxious to complete my studies, I nevertheless am thankful for the opportunity to study, learn and grow in a multitude of ways.

Each year that I am on campus, I take pictures. These pictures look nearly the same year after year because, though it may sound silly, what I love most about visiting the campus is enjoying the beauty of nature when I'm there. To begin with, the campus is loaded with rosebushes, and I love roses.

And of course, you can't beat a Southern California sunset, no matter where you may be or whatever the setting.

But, as much as I love school, I'm happy to be back home. I missed my kitties, my bed, and my church. There really is no place like home, even on this fallen world. Can you imagine what it will be like when we finally are in our eternal home? I can't wait.

Until then, though, we still have much to do, starting with enjoying your (still a bit abbreviated) week in review (kind of):
  • Yes, but were they spontaneous baptisms? Those are the only kind that count, right?
  • I don't think Charisma's Jennifer LeClaire has any idea what John MacArthur is actually best known for—probably because her charismatic self wouldn't recognize sound teaching if it smacked her in the forehead.
  • What's wrong with Reiki?
  • My friend Lori Williams and her husband, Vince, of Falsified Ministries, visited Craig Groeschel's Lifechurch for some of his summer 'At the Movies' sermon series. Yes, Lori, we all think you're crazy.
  • Will the next John MacArthur please stand up?
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Sometimes it feels like you have to have blinders on your eyes wherever you look.
  • I'm happy Meriam Ibrahim is free, but really? Her first stop on the road to freedom was to see the pope? 
  • I posted this Phil Johnson sermon last Fall following the Strange Fire conference, but in light of yesterday's article, I am posting it again. Thanks to reader Colette for reminding me of it. Providence is remarkable:


  1. Sometimes it feels like you have to have blinders on your eyes wherever you look.
    Sometimes you do not have a choice. I came to saving knowledge of the Lord in the Navy on my first command I had to face this issue for 12 years. It is hard to get away from porn if one is coop up a ship with 400 other sailors for 9 moths straight. I have deal trying to sleep with porn playing but that’s not all. I stood countless hours of shore patrol in the depths of depravity in Subic Bay, Philippines or Pattaya Beach Thailand. Yes I seen drunkenness and sex acts.
    For me what does not kill me made me spiritually stronger. if anything "negative" my experiences push my towards Reformed and Calvinism because there nothing like witnessing total depravity first hand, killing any notations there ever were any good in the world (i.e. romantic notions of a Christian America)or belief in cause and effect. It also have a strong cynicism towards Protestant American Evangelism. I think we’re are doing a disservice raising child in a isolated Pollyannaish world view. I have a picture in my mind of them singing this is my Fathers World, as sort of political idolatry mantra on the so call Christian America. I seen too many time Christian who first come into depraved environment fall into sin or lose faith because the real world doesn't match the one they were raised church. My experiences made me more hard and the ability dare to go many Christians will not trod. There only I know who can go to areas that have elements of utter darkness that include LGBT, atheist, pagan religion like some like some art and geek subcultures I am part of(Anime, Science Fiction, furry). Sometimes I can only look how they break my heart and pray for them an opportunity to share the Gospel .

  2. Your blog is called "Do Not Be Surprised," and yet, week after week, I am surprised by its quality and your incredible writing style, keen wit and fine humor. I'll say it again: a favorite visiting place of mine. Don't stop surprising me (us), eh? Promise?


  3. Thanks for the shout out sis! And yes....we thought we were going crazy while we were sitting there watching that fiasco go on at LC. (Glad I could share the moment with you via text ha!) Definitely not something we can endure again anytime soon. That was enough research for a lifetime. ha.
    Next stop......we will go see Timmy the Precious Moments angel. sigh. ;)

    Thanks for your excellent posts, they inform many!


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