04 June 2014

Word Faith Movement to Be Unmasked by Upcoming 'Den of Wolves' Documentary

Next year will see the release of a new documentary exposing the atrocities, heresies, hypocrisies and deceptions of the Word Faith movement. Produced by filmmaker Stephen Melniszyn, Den of Wolves
will dive into the deep and cover the Word of Faith Movement from it’s founding here in Tulsa, to the modern leaders of this heretical movement. No stone will be left unturned as the truth of their lies will be exposed.
Melniszyn continues,
The reason for this documentary is to inform, to expose and educate people on the dangers of the movement that has grown globally in the past years and takes in millions of dollars. These teachers live in lavish mansions, have private planes and have stadiums in which they teach. They make to their followers promises that God wants them to prosper in wealth, have healthy lives, be healed of their infirmities but in order to do so, they must sow a seed and have strong faith. Without the money and faith, these things can not come to pass. Everyday, people who are on the brink of being poor or already poor send these teachers all that they have and in the end, nothing happens, nothing. In the end, the only people who prosper are the teachers because they receive the money of the deceived.
You can read more about this upcoming project here, and Do Not Be Surprised will keep its readers apprised of any updates as this project progresses. In the meantime, below is a trailer to introduce this endeavor:

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  1. The Den of Wolves - I clicked for the source and their website is not available. Please tell me that they are still producing this much needed film and haven't be pressured into abandoning this important project.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      After I saw your comment and confirmed the link wasn't working, I talked to Stephen, the producer of Den of Wolves. He told me that he is working on a new website for the film and that it should be active in the coming days. When it is, I will update this post with the new link.
      Thanks for alerting me!

    2. The above link has been fixed, and the new website for this documentary can be found here.


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