13 June 2014

This 'n' That

This picture scares me, so I thought I would share it.
It always concerns me when I hear people talk about how they selected their church based on what their children liked or wanted. No Compromise Radio featured a discussion on this topic this week and, coincidentally, I just had a short conversation with a woman who said her family is looking for a new church because her daughter wants something with more “energetic” worship. Really? You are going to entrust your soul and your spiritual growth—as well as that of your child—to a church that you chose because its music feel peppy? Parents, you have been given the blessing of raising, teaching, and guiding your children for just a short time. Do not allow the tables to be turned. Do not allow your children —especially your unregenerate children—to become the spiritual leaders of your home. Embrace the great responsibility and calling of parenthood. You would not neglect to feed your children a meal, would you? How much more vital is their spiritual nourishment!

On another note, last weekend was Garage Sale Weekend at my house. I don’t know what your experience is, but I’ve found that garage sales always result in an interesting array of stories. I won’t share all my tales here now. For one, I’d hate to overload you with ridiculousness and two, I need to hold onto those stories for those times when I’m in desperate need of blog fodder. For now, let me just say that the following words came up in various conversations: “anointed,” “healing,” “eyeball,” “knife,” died,” “Heaven.” Actually, now that I think about it, I am extremely grateful that all of those words and topics were not addressed in the same conversation. I think that probably would have driven me over the edge.

Hopefully that little preview will sustain you until I decide to share these, ahem, profound conversations with you. For now, though, I’d say that it’s about time to kick back and enjoy the week in review (kind of):
  • Speaking of No Compromise Radio, I always suspected Pastor Mike was a closet Joyce Meyer fan!
  • I don't actually subscribe to Answers magazine and thus haven't seen the finished product, but I was honored to be asked to contribute a short article to the July–September issue answering the question: 'How long was Adam in the Garden before the Fall?' At the same time, the process may have convinced me to never seek to pursue freelance writing as a full-time gig.
  • Bummer. I was so looking forward to having my "picture" taken again the next time I travel.
  • No. A Duck Dynasty Bible is not okay.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • So, the Southern Baptists have converged on Baltimore this week. This kind of surprised me. Ultimately, though, I have to ask: Doesn't the autonomy of the SBC churches—and the broader convention's hesitation to ever address controversy within the ranks—basically render the denomination useless? Let's face it, the fact that a church identifies itself as "SBC" means nothing.
  • It's kind of fitting that Oprah will be playing "God" in the movie version of The Shack. I mean, she is her own god, after all. 
  • I have yet to see a female pastor who actually teaches sound doctrine. "Rev. Amy Butler" doesn't even know what the gospel is.
  • The five solas of the Reformation:

photo credit: Counselman Collection via photopin cc


  1. Thanks as always for a doctrinally solid and edifying list. I'm looking forward to the Cripplegate and Fred Butler's pieces, two essays I was not familiar with.

    About the SBC: I'm not a fan of the organization and I have my quandaries about it. I particularly dislike the politics. I very much enjoyed Jim Elliff's piece titled "SBC- An Unregenerate Denomination" which raised many good points.

    However, I personally would not go so far as to say "that the fact that a church identifies itself as "SBC" means nothing." At home here in the US, perhaps. Abroad, no.

    To me, SBC means missions, missions, missions. I rejoiced with tears to hear the report from the Cuba missionaries at the revival there that is deepening and spreading these last 15 years.I read this summary from the Missions report of what's happening in Cuba,

    "Cuban pastor Daniel Gonzalez was a young man when God called him to share Christ on the Isle of Youth, off Cuba’s southern coast. For five months he slept on a park bench during weekend visits to the island as he began his ministry, sharing the Gospel door-to-door. Today, as a result of the 10 years he labored there, more than 10 government-recognized churches and a network of more than 200 house churches are thriving, including a small seminary. The island is regarded as the most evangelized area in the country, and churches there have sent Cuban missionaries to Mexico, Nicaragua and Vietnam."

    The SBC Missions program is a multiplying program, and has been since the SBC-sent Sallees were the first to penetrate interior China in 1903.

    I receive a monthly newsletter from missionaries I am prayer partner with, outlining the needs and rejoicing over the victories in the jungles of Guatemala. Their work is made possible from the SBC's International Missions Board. I send money via Lottie Moon and the Cooperative Program. Our SBC church is sending a team to Peru next month. Nationwide, The SBC's Cooperative Program and its annual Lottie Moon Offering supports approximately 4,800 missionaries who are engaging 787 people groups across the globe. Last year 1.7 million people heard a Gospel witness. And that's not nothing. That's everything. :)

    1. Great points, Elizabeth, and thanks for bringing them up, because it certainly would not be my intention from my comment to dismiss the important work of missions! My thinking in writing that comment was that 'SBC' here in the States could mean a Saddleback or Newspring (the horror!) or it could mean a solid, doctrinally sound church. The general SBC identity doesn't really offer any assurance either way. But then, the same could be said of other denominations as well.

    2. Thank you Erin for graciously posting my comment and for such a kind response. I agree with your assessment of SBC-claimed Saddleback and Newspring churches. And also New Heart, remains unrebuked and un-disfellowshipped. Not to mention Beth Moore. It is certainly disheartening that the largest Protestant denomination and one to which my own church belongs promotes such contradictory messages. They are precisely the reason I look to Missions as the ray of sunshine. :) Thanks again, and thank you also for the link! I had not see that when I made the first comment. It's an honor to be linked to a grace-filled blog such as this one.

  2. Yeah that picture creeps me out too....thanks for sharing

  3. yeah, this pic is just as creepy as watching the "Teletubbies" intro........anyway, that was the first image to pop up into my mind.......

  4. The occultic agenda to bring in the Anti-Christ, "New Beginnings" is in the Church. Timothy and Revelation tell us the last days will bring us 'doctrine of demons,' persecution of believers and a harlot Church. Coincidentally, Alice Bailey, occultic medium who channeled from Satan for 30 years, said that in order for the "great lord" to come (antichrist) the Church had to be 1) Inclusive (The Church Universal -Ecumenicalism) 2) Doctrine had to be removed (The Church Occultic - Mysticism) and 3) Men would become God (gods) and persecute Christians (The Church Militant - Dominionism) All faiths are merging, doctrine is being removed from the pulpit and from hymnals in favor of 'love' songs to Jesus. Fundamentals embrace watered down Bible versions and the mystical "Message" for 'truth', Charismatics look to spirit realm revelations before and instead of Scripture, and there is a militant move against Logos followers. The Church is literally turning on itself. The "Davids" (spirit realm followers) are in a move against the "Sauls" (written Word only adherents). "Davidic warfare' against 'evil' is literally the same message from Jane Lead 17th century mystic...Her "Davidic Wars" revealed the state of the future Church. Eliminate those who are against the 'new', the 'paradigm shift', the One World Church. And believers are falling for it all like flies. Find a good Bible believing church that rejects Rick Warren, Mike Bickel, Joel Osteen, John Piper, Benny Hinn, Beth Moore,Timothy Keller and other false teachers! Embrace strong doctrinally filled hymns that shout out sanctification, justification, salvation and that Christ alone is the Way to the Father. John 14 RUN far from the false Church that is drinking the universal wine with apostates masquerading as true believers! Also beware of the deceptive "Spiritual Formation" which is now in Bible colleges and seminaries everywhere! This is promoted by ecumenical mystic Richard Foster. He, with false teacher Dallas Willard wrote the Renovare' Bible denying the absolute Truth of the true Bible. He is a One World Church promoter and Spiritual Formation is connected to the dangerous "Shalem" institute which employs New Agers and unbelievers to 'teach the "gospel" ! Run from the false teachers who promote contemplative prayer, putting followers' minds in deceptive Satanic realms! "And in the last days, men shall no longer endure sound doctrine...and embrace doctrines of demons." I and II Timothy 4 "Come out of her my people!..." Revelation 18:4

  5. EB,
    I have been to your blog for a little over a year now, and there are some things you are spot on about and other things I have difficulty agreeing with you. However, you must agree that evil is working over time in our world today, and to the point where some people think it is a "conspiracy theory", which for some issues that are brought up can be a bit weird, but not all issues are to be dismissed.

    Fred Butler brings us part 2 of "Tin Foil Hat Theology."

    Did you read the article listed above you posted today? Did you see the out and out dismissal of happenings that will bring about the one world government and the one world religion? Isn't the ambitions of the devil a conspiracy theory? He is conspiring to bring as many people to hell as he possibly can.

    I am a bit upset that this person takes the end times so lightly. I am disappointed that you would put a link to such an article. I agree that some people go overboard, but God uses people in all places to bring about what is His will. Like the falling away of the church, the rise of the Anti-Christ, a one world government and religion. Do you not believe that? This article makes light of what is going on and this will make people turn from watching as Jesus told us to do.

    You are a member of Naomi's Table aren't you? Amy's radio programs expose the events leading up to what is recorded in the New Testament. Do you think that this article holds any weight? Perhaps I am making more of this then necessary, but I don't think so because someone's eternal existence depends upon growth in the Lord which includes discernment. A new Christian could read that article and have it affect them in a negative way.

    Jesus' death was always going to happen, as the Word states, but people and conspiracy had to bring it about. I am sure that many a non-believer thought that Jesus' death was a conspiracy theory too. Those bringing about the will of God; one world government and religion and the revealing of the Anti-Christ is a conspiracy but not a theory, it is a fact.

    Sorry this comment is not pithy.

    your sister in Christ Jesus

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cherie.

      I think, if you look again at the article, you'll see that your claims of: "Did you see the out and out dismissal of happenings that will bring about the one world government and the one world religion? Isn't the ambitions of the devil a conspiracy theory? He is conspiring to bring as many people to hell as he possibly can." may be a bit of an overreaction.

      I certainly believe what the Bible teaches about the last days, but have witnessed time and again the detriment that a fixation on prophecy conspiracy theories can have on a Christian's walk and witness when the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ falls by the wayside.

      I won't seek to defend Fred's article, and will leave that to him if he so chooses. Perhaps I even would have worded a sentence or two differently, but I think his overall points about some of these 'tin-foil hat theologies' and the accompanying mindset are worth consideration, especially as he concludes his article by saying, "A Christian who gives himself to pursuing conspiracy theories or allowing them to shape his or her view of the world is in danger of putting his mind in subjection to futility."

    2. Hey Cherie. I responded a little more at my blog where you left a similar comment. In short, you have totally misread my position and wrongfully attributed to me views I neither hold or endorse. Go see what I wrote in response and respond in kind.


  6. "A Christian who gives himself to pursuing conspiracy theories or allowing them to shape his or her view of the world is in danger of putting his mind in subjection to futility."

    Here we have teaching by insult, and a demand that we bury our collective head in the sand and ignore glaring facts staring us in the face. Fred's use of the ridiculous (in his mind) to deflect our attention from the events of the day (and past) is a ploy to keep the believer from his God-appointed duty to "watch and pray" which induces slothfulness as we see the day of Christ's return approaching. Fred would have us put to sleep as to the nearness and eminency of the rapture. How do these two articles on 'conspiracy theories' edify the Body of Christ? I see no pointing to Christ anywhere in them (not much on his web site either) rather a mass of pompous thought put into words. To what end? To bring a believer's mind into subjection to the futility of Fred Butler speak? Does Fred always dance around the Gospel and never really get into it? Fred is actually displaying some very disturbing, subtle, deceitful traits just like an angel of light. It is the end game with such to build themselves up in the estimation of their hearers/readers, to be considered a man of "wisdom", a teacher of the ignorant masses, one above the fray, a go-to guy with excellent knowledge, who is excused from actually telling people of the joys of the Savior and is even revered as a modern day "prophet."

    This will likely anger you, Ebenz, and others, but producing anger in others is not intended. It is high time that ALL those who misrepresent the Lord Jesus Christ be called into question for their words and deeds, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    1. Perhaps the best forum to take issue with the article and blog in question is at that blog so that you can engage the author directly.

    2. Hey Darrel,
      Come over to my blog and ask your questions there. I'd be happy to engage you. I can't believe your first inclination is to question my salvation: that I have satanic motives. But I guess I shouldn't be too surprised because that is a typical response from tin-foil hat theologians.


  7. For those interested, here is a link to Cherie's comment at Fred's blog, followed by Fred's response. Cherie and Darrel, I hope you will take this opportunity to engage Fred and reconsider his words, and hopefully come to realize how those words have been misrepresented.

  8. Thanks EB, I will do that. Please note Fred and EB that any fixation on any subject matter other than the Gospel is a form of Idolatry and I agree that there are some really outrageous things being said out there. But what I try to do is measure up what I hear, read or see against the Word of God and filter out that which is not in line with Scripture. I do need to make it clear that although it is important and a mandate by our Lord to watch and pray, it is the Gospel that will change lives not our theories, and we must not lose sight of that. We need to hear more about the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation, but we also need Leaders to help us see where we are, and what is happening that aligns with Scripture so we know. It also solidifies the prophecies of Jesus. You EB bring help bring to light some happenings I haven't heard and it is truly a blessing. We need to know from those whose work it is to inform the Body of Christ. But if I failed to mention the priority of the Gospel, please forgive me. I had no intention of reducing its importance as paramount. I do however believe we need to look at what others say using the Word, but not be so quick to dismiss. Let the Word of God be our measuring stick.

    your sister in Christ Jesus
    Cherie c.

  9. Hi EB,

    Please see my comment on Fred's blog. Please forgive me, I was being less than kind. I did not write my comment in the best way.

    Have blessed day dear sister.

    your sister in Christ Jesus,
    Cherie c

  10. Where did you find that picture? It looks like one of those pictures in a Jehovah's Witness magazine that they leave on your porch.


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