17 June 2014

Beth Moore 'Commissions' 11,000 Women at Unwrap the Bible Conference

The teachings of Beth Moore have been a frequent topic of discussion here at Do Not Be Surprised. This is not due to any animosity harbored toward Moore, but rather the topic has been approached so often out of intense concern for Moore and her many admirers and followers. With every one of these discussions, the primary goal has been to engage Beth Moore’s teachings, and not the person of Beth Moore herself.

Concern has been expressed over Moore’s blatant disobedience to the Word of God as she usurps the role of teacher and willingly teaches mixed audiences despite the commands of 1 Timothy 2:11–12. Several articles also have been featured here that engage the erroneous, and oftentimes dangerous, biblical teachings of Moore. In short, Beth Moore has demonstrated time and again that she cannot properly handle the biblical text. And yet, she is a mentor and teacher to many women who look to her leadership and knowledge as a foundation for their own spiritual walk.

In recent months, Moore participated as a speaker at the Unwrap the Bible conference, which was held at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. The event was hosted by Women of Faith ministries, and also featured such dangerous teachers as Priscilla Shirer, Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Sheila Walsh and of course, Victoria Osteen. Nearly 11,000 women were in attendance at this event. 11,000. That is a tremendous number of women who were exposed to deceptive and erroneous Bible teaching. These are women in your Bible study and in your church. These are women who will now take the principles they learned and will begin to influence other women and girls within their church. This ought to be of no small concern to those who love and revere the Word of God.

To close the conference, Beth Moore held what was called a “commissioning” for these 11,000 women. The details of this portion of the event are troubling, to say the least. At The End Time blog, Elizabeth Prata offers a comprehensive report and examination of this so-called “commissioning.” I commend her article to you for further reading.

Prata writes:
At the very end of the conference, Beth Moore did not offer a benediction for the women, she did not sing a song for them, she did something peculiar. Very peculiar. She held a "commissioning". At Moore's insistence, telling women to grab the person next to them, and repeat after her, Moore led the 11,000 women in a ceremony whose likeness I can't find anywhere in the bible. 
At Moore's command, the 11,000 women dutifully paired up, hugged up, listened and then spoke in unison in call-and-response style with Moore leading them in this "commissioning." If you've never heard of a "commissioning" like this, I haven't either, because it doesn't exist. Moore has ripped the normal word from any biblical context and any known ceremony and has redefined it into something a seeker sensitive, New Age, pop psychology, comfy feminist would love. And love it they did.
Continue reading this article here.

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  1. Thank you most kindly for the introduction and the link!

  2. Today I thought of a theme song for Beth Moore - "In the Garden." God walks and talks with her all the time! And didn't He call her "honey"? Doesn't that translate to telling her that she is His own?

    1. That's is the best I ever heard - you hit it right on.

  3. Disastrous. I did a few of her studies 10-15 years ago, but always avoided her events like the plague, even when our former church (SBC) hosted her event in our own town.. I loathe emotionally manipulative and scripted situations--and the soft focus moments so common in large women's ministry events. Yechh. I can see now how The Lord was protecting me from falling prey to dangerous doctrinal error cloaked in a gentle southern accent. It is ironic that the wife of our former pastor who was heavily into Patriarchy/umbrella of protection, did not recognize that BM herself was so far from where she should be, and was a huge promoter of Beth Moore, the great Bible teacher! I think people in the SBC erroneously think she couldn't possibly be over-stepping her role BECAUSE she is endorsed by Lifeway and her own SBC pastor. How is it they are not bothered by her regular spies ranches on Jsmes Robison's tv show?! It is all mind boggling.

  4. Thanks for a great article! I was just wondering, should the 1 Timothy reference be chapter 2 instead of chapter 3?

  5. Good article except this.....(end times article)

    "The first issue is that while the SBC has been looking north, east, and south to protect doctrine against the inflow of homosexuality, transgenderism, and Calvinists, to the west, the feminists have crept in."

    Apparently, Calvinism is equal to sodomy, transgenderism and feminism. Hmmmm..... yet, she lauds MacArthur's seminary and Southwestern Theological Seminary - both with Calvinist Presidents.

    1. James,

      I am a Calvinist. I laud MacArthur's Seminary. I laud the doctrines of Grace. What I said in the article was that the *SBC* has been busy staving off Calvinists. It has been a protracted, messy, and unnecessary split within the SBC and a campaign that has distracted the men from one of the real battles- the battle to protect the women of faith within the denomination by being form about the doctrines regarding women's biblical roles. You made the assumption about "equating." It was one line that has a lot of history behind it- history I wrongly assumed most would catch. I apologize for making it confusing.

  6. I have done several Beth Moore studies and live events and have enjoyed them. I do find it uncomfortable that, at the end of these events, we are told to "get with another woman" to repeat a statement to each other. I would prefer to know what we are declaring ahead of time, when it is fed line by line, we have no idea what is coming. Perhaps the declaration would be one that did not line up with my beliefs. And as you have said, "words mean things". I had an experience with a Moore study that I found very disturbing. It was in her study of the book of James. Beth's daughter Melissa was a partner with her mom on this one. At one point in the study, Beth told us that her daughter came to the realization that James was Jewish. She then asked her mom, "what are we going to do about this?" As a messianic believer I found this offensive. Our Savior came to this world as a Jew. Of course James was a Jew. Why would they feel like they had to "do something about this"? Still scratching my head over this one.....

  7. "Nearly 11,000 women were in attendance at this event. 11,000. That is a tremendous number of women who were exposed to deceptive and erroneous Bible teaching."

    I'm sorry.

    I would submit that if one attends a conference that features Victoria Osteen and Beth Moore, one's quota of deception and erroneous-ness was met long ago.


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