30 May 2014

This 'n' That

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I appreciate your continued patience and loyalty while things remain a bit slow here at Do Not Be Surprised. God has placed me in a busy season and, though I've been through many before, for whatever reason this time it seems the days are shorter than they used to be! So while things are slow at the blog, 'real life' definitely is moving at a more hectic pace than I prefer. If not for God's grace and strength, it could be easy to grow impatient or frustrated with those heavy items that seem to only grow bigger on the proverbial plate.

Unfortunately, I can be an impatient person. I attribute this to the extreme patience I used to exercise as a child. I contend that I used up my lifetime quota of patience by the age of 12! But, now I can find rest in knowing that I am apparently not as impatient—or angry, for that matter—as the man who zipped around me in traffic today and, how shall I say it?—gave me a one-finger wave. No, I did not cut him off, he just didn't want anyone in front of him, I guess. The pent-up anger of a person like that amazes me in a deeply saddening way. I remember being a similar person before God saved me. Easily angered, and quick to fire off that anger even in the smallest, most trivial situations. It is a terribly agonizing existence. How profoundly thankful I am to God that, by His grace and power, such characteristics no longer define me. How I pray that others would come to find that same freedom in Christ.

With that, I must admit that there may be a link or two in this week's roundup that may elicit righteous anger. Mind your manners, both in thought and comment, as you peruse your week in review (kind of):
  • I'm beginning to wonder if Mars Hill Church thinks that it is THE Church. As in, the only true church. Driscoll would look odd in one of those pope hats, though. It would clash with the Mickey Mouse t-shirt.
  • "We sing best when that gospel is dwelling richly within us. God is not looking at the quality of our tone or the perfection of our pitch. He is looking at the heart."
  • Free Kindle books are good, especially when they're 'bad' books that I wouldn't normally want to buy.
  • This looks like a good study.
  • Maya Angelou died this week. This was the last thing she posted on Twitter.
  • Now this is creative. And smart. I'm not opposed to replacing the lawn with sand.
  • I managed to make it through my years in Chicago without ever visiting the Sears (now Willis) Tower. If I had, I'm sure this would have happened during my visit.
  • Here's C.J. Mahaney's statement on the whole SGM debacle. Well, as much of a statement as he can offer at this time, anyway.
  • Students learn and retain more by taking handwritten notes? I believe it.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Mike Riccardi writes at The Cripplegate about sanctification and the means of sanctification.
  • Please don't stop praying for Meriam.
  • Fred Butler has compiled a helpful list of resources on this neo 'antinomianism.'
  • Have you lost a child? Perhaps this will bring you some comfort.
  • If any of what is reported here is true, financial guru Dave Ramsey sounds a little like some megapastors we know.
  • Where do you think is the best place to evangelize?
  • I haven't listened to this in its entirety yet, but here's a debate between John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul on the issue of baptism:

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  1. Maya Angelou was a New Ager to the bone and a humanist. Even her final tweet speaks of her so-called inner "divinity." So sad. Oprah's devastating influence reaches far and wide.

    Janice Wainwright


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