03 May 2014

TBN Welcomes James MacDonald and 'Walk in the Word TV'

James MacDonald shows off his 
'Vertical Church' tattoo to Mark Driscoll 
in 2012. Screenshot: YouTube
Tomorrow, 4 May 2014, marks the first airing of James MacDonald's and Harvest Bible Chapel's "Walk in the Word TV" on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and The Church Channel. The Elgin Courier News reports:
Harvest Bible Chapel of Elgin, which already broadcasts Pastor James MacDonald’s words across the country with the radio show “Walk in the Word,” will begin a nationwide TV version of that show Sunday.

Harvest spokeswoman Sharon Kostal said the TV “Walk in the Word” will be cablecast at 9 a.m. Central Time each Sunday on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) and 11 a.m. each Sunday on The Church Channel (TCC).

In September, both cable networks also will start airing the program Monday through Friday, at 7 a.m. on Trinity Broadcast Network and 9 a.m. on The Church Channel.

News of the television program already was announced in March of this year by MacDonald himself, who wrote the following on his blog on 31 March:
Today we have an exciting announcement about Walk in the Word, our broadcast ministry heard on nearly 1200 radio outlets around North America. Beginning May 4, 2014, on Sunday mornings, then in addition on every weekday morning starting September 2014, Walk in the Word TV will be seen around the world on both The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and the The Church Channel (TCC). This decision was approved by our Elder board in February after many months of study, reflection, and prayer. It was then shared with 750 of our primary church leaders and finally to our congregation in March of this year.
In explaining the process of bringing his broadcasts to television, MacDonald appeared to appropriate for Harvest the Lord's words to the church in Philadelphia in Revelation 3:8, explaining,
In 2010, during our spring bus tour, we invited supporters to give to the vision of Walk in the Word TV. Those offerings were set aside in faith as we waited and prayed for an open door to expand our impact and church planting emphasis through television. As we inquired and investigated and prayed and waited, there continued to be no open doors. So we prayed and waited again, asking the Lord to open a clear and obvious door. Then suddenly and miraculously, where there had previously been no interest among broadcasters about Walk in the Word TV, God began to open doors of opportunity through a friend in Jerusalem, a friend in Texas, and a long-time friend in Orlando.
The addition of this television ministry also led to the addition of a COO position at Harvest Bible Chapel, as well as the merging of the ministries of both Harvest and Walk in the Word, thereby bringing all aspects of the ministry under the authority of the elders, according to MacDonald.

This development comes on the heels of many unfortunate and unsettling revelations about the ministry and inner workings of Harvest Bible Chapel, many of which are recorded at the website The Elephant's Debt.

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  1. There is undoubtedly so much more background to this new "news".

  2. Finally! After bullying past elders and flock leaders and members, JM got his wish to be on TV. Congratulations, on achieving your dream while trashing relationships, and breaking trust among the body, and compromising doctrine, and terminating staff.

  3. Is anybody really surprised by this?

    - Deborah

  4. Funny, as a former volunteer production ministry tech leader at HBC, I can't help but wonder how this jives with James' unequivocal statement he made to us that he "...had no desire to broadcast his head to multiple locations."


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