08 May 2014

No Compromise Radio: Communion for Children?

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  1. Sorry, but have to disagree with you about the requirement for baptism before communion because there are many times when a person cannot be baptised before communion. The most common example is when communion comes up after salvation but before a baptism service, but I know of two other specific people (names have been changed)

    1) Bertha had a hole in her eardrum, so baptism by immersion was dangerous. She was baptised, but only after corrective surgery. The elder board was willing to make an exception to the rule against unbaptised members, but she refused it.

    2) Chun Li was 16 when she was saved. She wasn't baptised because her parents refused to let her get baptised. They had no problem with her coming to church, but baptism was where they drew the line. The church would not baptise her while she was a minor because of her parents' objection, but she was baptised when she turned 18.

    In both of these cases, they were not baptised for nonsin reasons. Since the Bible says communion is for believers not in sin - with baptism not being mentioned as a requirement - placing an additional requirement is, well, forbidden.

    2) Anyaka was 16 when she was saved


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