04 April 2014

This 'n' That

It is the joy of every blogger to find him or herself on the cutting edge of breaking news. And even if it's not 'breaking,' if it's at least earth-shattering and unexpected, then the blogger is just as gleeful. Today I have such news to share with you. I only hope that some of you are prepared to receive it because, well, it is big news. Take a deep breath. Sit down.

Okay, are you ready?

Hollywood has produced a movie based on the Bible that completely and utterly distorts the truth of the Word.

Let me give you just a minute to let that sink in.

You never saw it coming, did you? I know. Apparently a lot of other Christians didn't either, because the outrage over Noah, the movie, has been boisterous. It seems that some people are far more comfortable expressing indignation at false doctrine in the movie theater than they are at voicing the same concern over false doctrine in the church.

Yet there is a difference. A huge, massive, not-to-be-ignored difference: we expect Hollywood to hate God and to distort His Word. It is a sad thing, however, that we must expect the same thing from those who profess Christ, yet we are promised as much in Scripture (Matthew 7:15; Acts 20:30) . So yes, this week I grew weary of Christians decrying the theology of Noah when they stand by and smile as men like Rick Warren or Joel Osteen or Steven Furtick do an even greater disservice by twisting God's Word under the guise of Christianity. Now, I am not saying there are not helpful and worthwhile reviews of the film that have been published. In fact, here is one that is quite good. But when the majority of our time is spent on such silliness, we must realize that we are merely providing more publicity for this colossal dupe, and likely are driving more unbelievers to go see it, if for no other reason than out of spite.

So that's my rant for the week. What's yours? Feel free to unleash it (cleanly, of course) in the comments below, but only if it is related to something that you find here in your week in review (kind of):
  • Yikes, another earthquake in SoCal. Feels like it's about time for a big one, doesn't it?
  • See, kids, you better clean your room. What a terrible legacy to leave behind!
  • Nancy Pelosi can be so classy.
  • Hey, Indiana, here's something to be proud of.
  • The Hobby Lobby family visited the Pope. And I'm sure they gave him the gospel, right? Right?
  • I don't mean to pick on Hobby Lobby, but I'll admit I'm not as keen on them as are most Christians (after all, if they're such staunch believers, why all the Santa Claus and Easter Bunny junk in their stores?), and you can't deny the irony of this.
  • Hey, look! New Age Mormon Glenn Beck is reading (and praising) The Circle Maker.
  • The Archbishop of Atlanta has apologized for his $2.2 million home.
  • But there's still plenty of religious leaders who are living large.
  • Thom Rainer released a list of "twenty of the most influential evangelicals in America". The title is extremely misleading: when you only ask 30 people their opinion on such a topic and don't define what you mean by "evangelical" you end up with a list that includes everyone from T.D. Jakes to Ross Douthat (who is Roman Catholic) to Beth Moore to Al Mohler. To the people who are a bit aflutter over this list: Calm down. Just because Thom Rainer foolishly published a list compiled in ignorance is no reason to raise your heart rate.
  • Have you heard about the uproar over Mozilla's newly appointed CEO? It's resulted in Brendan Eich, the CEO in question, stepping down from his position today. The 'tolerance brigade' (as I heard James White refer to them) really ought to learn the meaning of the word tolerance.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Here's Lyndon Unger's review of chapter 9 of Authentic Fire.
  • Call me crazy, but isn't it kind of a good thing if Driscoll's wack-a-doodle sermons are disappearing?
  • Those of you who have cats know that this is totally true.
  • Hey, Indianapolis people, Carl Trueman is going to be there this weekend!
  • If only I had known about this contest sooner, I totally could have won.
  • The U.S. Education Department, hard at work.
  • It's 13 feet tall, it's gold, it's . . . the 'angel' Moroni.
  • A couple of days ago, a friend sent me this. And then I saw this. And then I determined this: we officially cannot rely on anything published under the banner of The Gospel Coalition.
  • So, even I was surprised that Liberty University would "join hands" with Benny Hinn. Here's the statement released by Liberty to address it. Can we believe it? 
  • From this year's Shepherd's Conference:


  1. Liberty U. may not be partnering with Benny Hinn, but did you see that Steven Furtick and Christine Cain are scheduled this Spring to speak in chapel?! www.liberty.edu/faithservice/?PID=2586

  2. Correction: they already spoke this year!

  3. A new Simon's Cat, yay! I laughed out loud!

    Ms Bethany's essay "Theology of Dessert" at TGC was disappointing. Not that it was poorly written, it wasn't. The FACT of its existence was the disappointing part. I saw it 3 days ago and offered this comment:

    “As well-written as the essay is, and as hard as the author undoubtedly worked, I’m sorry, but as a woman, a student of the bible, and an ever-present voice for females to stop being silly with their theology, I say unequivocally that I am embarrassed by this piece.”

    It is still awaiting moderation...

  4. Thank you so much Erin for posting all of this. In particular, thank you for the sermon link to Pastor Don Green’s “What Happens When We Die”. This is truly a "must hear" for everyone. Oh, that every church would be blessed to hear this sermon this Sunday but we are now without excuse because you have posted this link here. Really puts into perspective how blessed it is to know God opened my eyes and equally brings me to urgently desire to preach the Gospel to everyone especially my loved ones this weekend when we get together.

    Phil Johnson/Shepherds Conference: another great sermon that I heard earlier this week! I had to listen over and over again at about 12 minutes to record his remarks about how grieved he was that he didn’t hear the Gospel taught in all of his 17 years in his church before he was converted. Also, how absolutely grievous it is for so many to preach a false gospel but even more grievous for those who are being taught a false gospel thinking they are safe:

    [Quote] “And my perspective now is that false religion is the worst of all evils. It’s a more diabolical abomination that any crime or human atrocity that you can ever envision. And I think that the Apostle Paul had that same perspective. He was saved out of a religious background where self-righteousness was falsely equated with piety and if God hadn’t stopped him and yanked him to a halt and saved him he would have been lost, he would have been damned forever because of his religion.” [End-Quote by Phil Johnson]

    God bless you for this blog.


  5. Spot on concerning the Gospel Coalition!! At least anything written by Bethany Jenkins!

  6. Regarding the Liberty University statement on a relationship with Benny Hinn, The Berean Informer (@BereanInformer) found a book blurb on the back of one of Mr Hinn's books in which the last sentence says, "offering a cooperative relationship with Liberty University in college-level studies".

    My very next task is to listen to Pastor Green's sermon. Thanks so much for posting it!

  7. I google searched this Bethany Jenkins who wrote those 2 articles in the Gospel Coalition and look what I came up with! Wow! http://bethanyjenkins.com/2013/04/16/imagine-theres-no-gender/

  8. I always find it amusing that the angel Moroni has the word "moron" in it. I think the Mormons need to take that seriously and turn away from their moronic false religion.


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