21 March 2014

This 'n' That

photo credit: Marco Bellucci via photopin cc
Do you ever find yourself wondering about some bizarre and meaningless things? Here are some things I was wondering about earlier this week:

❀ What is Flappy Bird?
❀  Why five toes on each foot? The way some women's shoes are designed, there really is only room for three or four.
❀  Why is the temperature of almost every building maintained at a rather uncomfortable 55°?
❀  Will there ever be a day when Mark Driscoll is not the topic of choice in my Twitter feed?
❀  Similarly, will we ever stop being surprised by the immaturity and antics of so many megapastors?
❀  Why Beth Moore and not me?
❀  Why do people still treat YouTube like their own personal karaoke bar?
❀ What is with the flower bullet points? (I have no answer for this other than that I was kind of bored.)
❀  Why do professing Christians watch television shows that clearly mock and hate God?
❀  Why do I have difficulty memorizing Bible verses, but can sing along to almost any 80s bubblegum-pop song without missing even one "Whoa-oh-oh"?
❀  Why is bacon so delicious?
❀  And while we're on the topic, why is breakfast always better when it's dinner?
❀  Why do most cartoons creep me out?

Oops, I revealed too much with that last one, didn't I? It's true, I'm mildly afraid of certain cartoons. Like this character from days long past. (Goodness, just looking at that picture makes me wonder if I'll have nightmares tonight.) Various forms of claymation and I also do not get along. It's okay, I know how to locate a counselor, I just need to find one who can help me reconcile a fear of cartoons with the biblical text.

And while we're asking random questions, I posed the following this week on Twitter: What is the theological conundrum you ponder most often? Feel free to jump into that conversation if you wish. Now for the question that really is burning in everyone's mind at this moment: How much longer before EBenz finally lets us get to the good stuff? Well, the wait is over. Here's your week in review (kind of):
  • So Mark Driscoll has (kinda, sorta) apologized for some of his recent shenanigans. In light of all the dialogue about this in recent days (and weeks and months), this article at The Cripplegate is a good read.
  • This is what can happen when you think God is talking to you.
  • Mysticism at Duke Chapel as visitors walk the labyrinth during Lent.
  • Elevation Church is building another huge campus. Whew! For a second there I was worried that it couldn't get any larger.
  • Here's part 7 of the Authentic Fire review.
  • Because your pastor isn't really a pastor unless he's willing to set himself on fire during his sermon.
  • I've not yet had a chance to read this full review of Tim Keller's Center Church provided by Expositor's Seminary, but I suspect it will be worth reading.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable. If you OD, you can blame reader Rick.
  • If you don't know the name of Leon Morris, you should.
  • Kevin DeYoung wrote this, so Carl Trueman wrote this.
  • Also, if you didn't read this article by Carl Trueman regarding the Driscoll debacle when it was published last week, go read it now.
  • Let Him say when it is enough.
  • A debate about altar calls? Now that sounds like one worth listening to!
  • Bullying is never okay. Make sure you heard me on that. But, parents, if you want to ensure that your son is not bullied at school, here's a tip: don't send him to school with a My Little Pony lunchbox
  • Westboro Church founder Fred Phelps has died.
  • Here's Carl Trueman's preface for the forthcoming book, Things That Go Bump In the Church.
  • How to identify genuine repentance (the link to this complete sermon can be found here): 


  1. Driscoll - will wait to see if he bears fruit in keeping with repentance.

    Cartoons/claymation - Jer 10:5?


  2. PS: regarding Driscoll - the list of problems with that man is a mile long. The crooked "book deal" is only but one of MANY major concerns that have come up with the man for MANY YEARS. So when I said he needs to bear fruit in keeping with repentance, I mean it in a big way. And he is definitely NOT qualified to be a pastor or elder under any circumstances.


  3. This was a very good post, Erin, and your challenge questions had me thinking a good bit.

    "Why do people still treat YouTube like their own personal karaoke bar?"

    Let me go out on a limb here with a theory - sinful pride? They think they're going to get a call from a producer inviting them to perform on national TV.

    "Why do professing Christians watch television shows that clearly mock and hate God?"

    Let me go out on a limb here with a theory - perhaps they are not, in fact, Christians? Here's the sound of a saved Christian watching TV shows like that: click. If you have a glass of pure water in front of you, just how much raw sewage are you willing to drop into it before you drink it?

    As to the eternal bacon question, there are simply some dilemmas that we are simply not equipped to answer. Perhaps it is a parallel with Satan disguising himself as an angel of light.

    Although microwaved turkey bacon is much better than you would think. Seriously.

  4. I, like you, am also tired about the endless droning on regarding Driscoll. I think it's time to leave him in God's hands to deal with. He will be the one to judge the living and the dead one day, is He not? There's nothing productive coming of nagging at these mega pastors who might not be regenerated at all and it's giving me a headache. I would pray for them & God's will be done.

  5. "❀ Why is the temperature of almost every building maintained at a rather uncomfortable 55°?"
    Thank Jimmy Carter and the EPA - this when all the save energy and save the earth stuff got started.
    "❀ Why do professing Christians watch television shows that clearly mock and hate God?"
    It depends on the show. I have seen much because it not interesting but. If I do it just reflect the world we live in Romans 1: 18-32. In some cases like The Sopranos, Scarface or (I been told Braking Bad) are morality plays, in the end their evil consume them. I guess it also I did 12 years in the Navy having, have to deal with displays of total depravity or Original Sin my Lutheran friends call it , by ignore the guy when they play porn or having to walk into a stripper bar in the Philippines as part of shore patrol. In the end I came out stronger and not letting the world phase me. It means more committed to proclaim the gospel. That and a few other issues caused me to become reformed. It’s why still I read Bed Bova, or Ayn Rand.
    Here something I would like to throw back at you: Does Mark Driscol affair and celebrity mega church pastors show the flaw in the independent Congregational Church and maybe Presbyterian government model compared to the Episcopal model . Without any external accountability structure outside the church, it easy for a pastor to exploit the church government by getting rid of elder who would hold the past accountable and set himself as the final authority of the church. (See vision casting)

  6. I agree with Rick. I ponder that question over and over and over, and can't figure it out. WHY do professing Christians watch, read, listen to, etc "entertainment" that is clearly mocking God or is something God would clearly abhor. The only conclusion I can come to is that they aren't really Christians, or they aren't listening to the Holy Spirit when He is trying to convict them not to do so. What else could it be? I have my own sins, but I feel convicted and then repentant when I do them. That's the way God works in my life. Why don't other Christians feel the conviction of that sinful behavior? Again, the only conclusion I can come to is that they either aren't really Christians and they are being led by a spirit that is NOT the spirit of God, or they just don't spend enough time reading their Bible to know WHO God is and what he hates -- therefore they don't even know to listen to the conviction. Who knows... I wish someone could answer that question for me though.

  7. I use YouTube as a resource for figuring out music. There are many instrumentalists that show and tell how certain songs or passages in songs are correctly executing on their instruments. It has helped me over several bumps on that musical road I travel and I am able to further prepare the horse knowing full well that the victory is the Lords (Hashem).

  8. "Why do I have difficulty memorizing Bible verses, but can sing along to almost any 80's bubblegum-pop song without missing even one "Whoa-oh-oh"?" ....Me too!!!


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