22 March 2014

Rod Parsley and the 'Seven Anointings of Passover'

Keeping in mind that entertainment does not always evoke happiness, this time of year is always an entertaining one in evangelicalism. It's the time of year when we wonder how many pastors will manage to preach an Easter sermon without actually talking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's the time of year when biblically uninformed 'pastors' try to impose upon Christians the laws and feasts of ancient Israel. It's the perfect time of year for charlatan hucksters to swindle gullible goats out of hard earned cash.

And right here is the perfect place to introduce Rod Parsley's 2014 bamboozling: The Seven Anointings of Passover.

What are these seven anointings?
I'm sure many of my readers were unaware of this, weren't you? Well, if it weren't for Rod Parsley, none of us would be aware that with the right 'Passover offering' we can get our very own angel and even experience what Parsley calls 'agelessness'! And isn't it convenient that God will only honor this Passover offering if our money is sent to Rod Parsley?

But, do you find yourself confused? Are you thinking to yourself, "I read the Bible, and I've never seen any of this, especially in Exodus 23:20–33"?

The reason you've not seen these ridiculous ideas is because they are not in the text. In Exodus 23:20–33, God, through the pen of Moses, is speaking specifically to Israel regarding the then-future conquest of the land of Canaan. One need not be a Hebrew scholar to understand this if one reads the passage in context. Yet no doubt many will 'sow' their Passover 'seeds' to Rod Parsley. As for me, I'm planning to send in at least $75 so I can get that fancy stainless steel communion set.

When we set jesting and humor aside, though, such tactics, though not new or novel, are nevertheless grievous. One truly must marvel at the patience of God, that He does not strike men like Rod Parsley right where they stand as they twist His Word and blaspheme His name. May they repent now, while there is still time, lest they find themselves standing before a thrice-holy God without excuse and eternally condemned.

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  1. He makes his stuff up as he goes. He came often to my old church in West Virginia and he is quiet the entertainer, to say the least....He give me a headache...


  2. He has not read the Bible, he is just huckstering

  3. Hot Rod always shilling for coin. Truly sad that the world can see these hucksters for what they are and so called believers are completely bamboozled. What’s up with that?


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