21 February 2014

This 'n' That

Photo: ITN
Okay, I admit it, there is a lot about the Winter Olympics, or the Olympics in general, that I don't understand. Like, why are the Opening Ceremonies so. very. long? Speaking of the Opening Ceremonies, if you weren't already aware of it, that malfunctioning snowflake-turned-olympic-ring was really a message from God to America. It's true, William Tapley said so. There probably also was prophetic significance in the fact that Russia won the pairs figure skating event, and that their final routine was accompanied by the soundtrack of Jesus Christ, Superstar. And if William Tapley hasn't yet picked up on those details and decoded the secret message, then I can only assume that he's not familiar with his 1970s rock operas.

And while I'm on the topic of the Olympics and figure skating, can somebody please get a message to the male figure skaters for me? It is this: Stop the sparkles. Seriously. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to hit or miss all of your jumps and twirls even without the sparkles, and you may look a little more dignified if you save the sequins for your next homemade Valentine's project. Like this guy. Okay, so he won the gold, but what was he thinking? There. I said it. I stand by my opinion. I shall now await the hateful comments from sparkle lovers around the globe.

Of course, we're just being silly here. I do enjoy watching the Olympics in the evenings, but I'll never understand what would compel someone to aspire to competitive luging or ski jumping. But hey, you know us bloggers—we're not exactly an adventurous bunch. Wait—do you think there's any chance they'll ever make blogging an Olympic sport? If so, sign me up. Just as long as I don't have to wear sparkles.

Okay, it's been a busy week in Internet land, so let's not linger in the silliness any longer. If you're watching the Olympics, push pause so you can read your week in review (kind of):
  • And speaking of Elevation Church, can we finally categorize it as a cult? This is abominable
  • Here's Todd Pruitt's take on all of this Furtick foolishness at Reformation 21. And here's Carl Trueman's witty follow-up.
  • Okay, too much Furtick at once can give you hives, so hurry up and check out this short excerpt from Steve Lawson's newest book, The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield. 
  • You must listen to Sunday's sermon from Truth Community Church: What Is Sin?
  • "Prophet" Bob Jones died.
  • My friend Cameron Buettel has written a helpful review of the book Rediscovering Expository Preaching.
  • Speaking of Cameron, don't miss his post at the GTY blog about naming names.
  • Who knew that being married with children was an alternative lifestyle?
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Pastor Don Green is still addressing the issue of homosexuality on his Facebook page. If you read last week's links, then you can pick it up here, then go here.
  • And while we're on the topic of homosexuality, click on over to Fred Butler's blog to read his post, "Slouching Toward Gomorrah."
  • One of the tragedies of strange fire (the bad theology, not the conference).
  • John MacArthur appears on CNN with Nancy Grace to comment on the above story. (No comment on Nancy Grace's behavior in this clip, though she seems more like a parody of a reporter than an actual reporter. Oh dear, I just made a comment, didn't I?)
  • Why is it that statues never talk to me? Actually, I'm okay with it. I'm pretty sure that would send me screaming like a girl in the other direction.
  • Here's Lyndon Unger's latest Authentic Fire review: Chapter 5.
  • Is Ravi Zacharias really wearing gospel armor?
  • S. Lewis Johnson on apostolic succession:


  1. I was irritated with the sparkles on the men too. LOL. Can they be more flamboyant?

  2. Zacharias... What can you expect from a man who went to Joyce Mayers and pronounced her on her show as "the great bible teacher"? These are the signs of the times we live in. It is an epidemic. Another "scholar" Michael Brown just went on Benny Hinn Show on TBN (Twerp Babbling Noxiously) and high fived him there for five days straight to sell his books and help his retirement fund . All that with relentless campaign of denial, evasions and manipulations insulting everyone's itelligence with his puerile lies that A. he does not know if Hinn is a wolf of greedy falsehood and B. that he does not take any money from the sale of his books, EVER... :) It would be unreal if we would not be warned about that and from long ago. With "leaders" and "teachers" like this what can you expect from leavenjellycalism?

    Sapere aude



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