07 February 2014

This 'n' That

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Almost daily, the thought crosses my mind that the most dangerous attacks against the Word of God are those that come from within the professing Christian church, not without. After all, we expect those who deny the existence of God to argue against His truths, but we may be caught off guard when one who claims to know, love and serve Jesus Christ in one breath denies His Word in another.

Yet this is happening all across professing Christendom. Pastors functionally deny the Scripture they claim to teach as they present it to their congregation only after they have twisted and distorted it to serve their own purposes. Deceptive doctrines of demons, once welcomed only by the "fringe" of the visible church, have now woven their way into the fabric of evangelicalism. Doctrines that dangerously dance on the line of Word Faith or prosperity teaching are now accepted as right and true by many self-proclaimed Christians. Even the teachings of Rome have wandered into our midst, no doubt due to the complacent ignorance of so many professing Christians.

The war for truth in which we as Christians are engaged is not one that is largely fought outside of the walls of the visible church, but inside. If Satan can succeed in causing us to doubt and question the clear Word of our God, then he has managed to crack, at least in our minds, that firm foundation upon which we must stand. This is why it is vital, dear Christian, that you study and know the Scriptures. As has been stated before on this blog, "It is the Word that silences the lying mouth of the enemy, and we ought never to shy away from wielding this sharp and piercing sword (Eph 6:17)."

How gracious of our God to offer us such a powerful weapon! Still, we ought not dare wield it without the rest of our armor as described in Ephesians 6:10–17. And so, after you have properly clothed yourself for the day, take a few moments of rest from this noble battle to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Speaking of twisting Scriptures, you should listen to this interview between Mike Gendron and Brannon Howse (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). The two play audio clips of a recent interview Gendron did for a Catholic radio show, and listening to the Catholic apologists twist God's Word is simultaneously maddening and sad. It makes me even more thankful for ministries like Gendron's Proclaiming the Gospel, which seeks to expose the false teachings of Rome with the truth of Scripture.
  • The megapastor's guide to getting his book on the New York Times bestseller list. Mere mediocre men, take note.
  • What's the big deal about sin?
  • This article both confirmed my opinion about those ridiculous full-body scanners at the airport and convicted me of my stereotyping of TSA agents. Who would have guessed that one of those guys could write so well?
  • Love those glasses, Dr. MacArthur. Classic.
  • Some good points in this article explaining how to avoid a cult of personality.
  • I want to be here.
  • But, I'd also like to be here.
  • Have you been following Pastor Mike Abendroth as he preaches through Ruth? If not, you should be! Here's the latest message.
  • And while we're sharing sermons, Pastor Don Green's message from last Sunday, "Who Is Satan?" is a must listen.
  • Phil Johnson tosses another two cents (though I think it's worth more than that) into the ongoing saga of Strange Fire, Michael Brown and Benny Hinn.
  • Year after year, my favorite sermon coming out of Grace Community Church's Shepherd's Conference often is delivered by Tom Pennington. He recently was interviewed by Janet Mefferd on the topic of wolves in the pulpit.
  • Pat Robertson being . . . well, Pat Robertson. Does anyone know how to make him stop?
  • And while we're on the topic of wolves. . .
  • Seems to be a wolf trend this week.
  • This might be a good time to give you your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Uh-oh, the Mormon "prophet" Thomas Monson might be in trouble for teaching fraudulent doctrines.
  • Okay, I'll ask: Do we actually need 70 new Hobby Lobby stores? 
  • Now here's a horrible idea for a church curriculum.
  • Because it just wouldn't be a Friday roundup without a Justin Bieber article.
  • So which sins should we address?
  • Would you like a whisker with that tea?
  • And for those of you who prefer a different type of pet, squirrels are all the rage in Moscow.
  • This isn't my favorite website to link to, but they're the only ones who have reported on this story about the popular (and dangerous) devotional, Jesus Calling.
  • I don't quite know how to break it to Steven Furtick and his followers, but that's not God who's talking to him.
  • I always suspected that Planned Parenthood was more Christian than you.
  • Did you ever just feel the need for more Spurgeon? Yeah, me too. Here you go.
  • Roma Downey and Mark Burnett's "Vidal Sassoon Jesus" returns later this month in the movie, Son of God.
  • Steve Lawson preaches on 1 Corinthians 10:14–22, "Dining with Demons":


  1. "The war for truth in which we as Christians are engaged is not one that is largely fought outside of the walls of the visible church, but inside."

    Indeed and is this not a foretold below, at least in part so far?

    "And then M A N Y will fall away and betray one another and H A T E one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold."

    ~ Matthew 24:10-12, ESV


  2. Dave Ramsey is doing that same presale tactic with his daughter's new book and he did it with that other guy's book he produced. I imagine that it's common place, but I don't put any stock in anyone being an NYT best seller.

    Also, I'm surprised Driscoll isn't endorsing Furtick's book, I mean he hears from God audibly right? lol


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