17 January 2014

This 'n' That

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As I contemplated last night what I might write for this week's This 'n' That ponderings, I had what I thought must be a rather clever idea. I decided that I would share with you a conversation I had with the Lord and the word that He gave me during that conversation.

All of this would be in jest, of course, as a means of illustrating the absurdity of today's prevalent claims of direct revelation. So I began to record this fictional conversation and it was, if I do say so myself, mildly amusing. But about halfway through my typing I paused and realized how utterly blasphemous such an endeavor seemed,  and that is why you are reading this introduction instead of my original composition.

If, then, it seemed a sin of blasphemy and disrespect (to say the least) to satirize the claims of direct revelation made by many of today's popular Bible teachers, how much more serious must it be to actually declare, "Thus saith the Lord" when speaking of something that is not revealed in Scripture? Not only are the men and women who make such brazen claims denying the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, they are denigrating and disdaining God Himself. By saying, "thanks but no thanks, I want more" to God's gracious gift of the Word surely must be an insult to the Almighty.

Thank God for His Word. It is treasured; it is precious; it is enough. Through it we learn of our Lord Jesus Christ and His saving gospel. Who could ask for anything more? Who would even dare?

Well, I hope you've already had time to study the Bible today. If you haven't, put the computer away and go do so right now. Then come back later and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • God has a sense of humor. As I was reading this article about evangelicalism's oft-accepted, "softer" prosperity gospel, I received an email from a seeker-friendly ministry with the subject line: "50 Days of Transformation."
  • Al Mohler on evolution—and Christianity—as matters of belief.
  • Oh, that Justin Bieber. Always such a model Christian. I wonder what his hip "pastor," Judah Smith, would have to say about Bieber's eggy escapades?
  • If you or someone you know is headed to college in the Fall and would like to attend The Master's College, this would certainly help pay the bills!
  • The oldest trick in the book.
  • I'd be pretty livid if this happened to my child. Gotta love those public schools.
  • Oh good, there's still hope that lightbulbs that actually give light won't disappear as quickly as we thought. Anyone else hate those stupid LED and CFL bulbs as much as I do? And have you ever seen all the steps you need to take if every you break one of those "efficient" CFL bulbs?
  • "The hermeneutics of egalitarianism are serious error and are harmful." Denny Burk offers a good response to Sarah Bessey's latest feminist diatribe.
  • I'm really glad to hear that Answers in Genesis will be offering a free live stream of the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate. I don't think that was the original plan, which was disappointing, so it's great that they've changed their approach on this.
  • This looks like a great hot chocolate recipe (even for those of us who are forced to shun dairy).
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • When I heard Tony Campolo was going to "shutter" his ministry, I was hopeful that it would be the ever-progressive, ever-postmodern group, Red Letter Christians. Alas, no.
  • I appreciated the honesty in this article about the devastating effects of pornography on a future marriage. I appreciated even more the reminder that there is forgiveness even for this sin for those who repent and believe upon Christ. "Let [Christ] be your standard of character and flee the temptation to fix your eyes on anything other than Him."
  • Speaking of James White, he and Mike Abendroth had a good discussion this week on No Compromise Radio.
  • I am not okay with this.
  • Um, I think it may be in bad taste to create a Titanic replica for a theme park and to recreate for visitors the experience of the ship's fateful collision with an iceberg.
  • J. Gresham Machen's Christianity and Liberalism is only $0.99 (or at least it was as of this writing. If the price has increased, well, don't blame me!)
  • Wait, no sign of evolutionary changes? How utterly unsurprising!
  • T.D. Jakes gives all pastors and Christians a lesson in how not to react to critics.
  • The Elephant's Debt is closing its doors.
  • Mmmm . . . grass . . . 
  • Pick me! Pick me! Clint Archer with a helpful article explaining the doctrine of unconditional election. Oh, and here's Part 1 of that post, if you're interested.
  • Steve Lawson's impromptu Gospel presentation. Wow:

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  1. Thanks for sparing us your rendition of "God spoke to me", don't know how much more a guy can take.

    On a heavier note and after listening to Mike A and James W, my concern level is nearing the top. According to JW there is now some sort of grey area in which the likes of Michael Brown are accepted as believers. MB's doctorate, 22 books, and world wide status and acceptance aside, the man is a great practiced liar, who takes up anyone's cause (Benny Hinn) for the sake of notoriety and continues to lie when questioned about their "new found" friendship. MB and BH will find their way to the Lake of Fire soon enough, but now we must strain to maintain a sense of credibility with White, his grey areas, and growing acceptance of false doctrine with a possibility that maybe there is some truth in Brown's fallacious statements. This should not be happening, but it is. There are enough church "leaders" who have gone off the deep end of late. May the Lord expose the evil and glorify His name. Eph.5:11


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