08 January 2014

Naomi's Table: Discussing Dangerous Claims of Direct, Personal Revelation from God

I had the privilege once again to speak with Amy Spreeman of the wonderful women's ministry, Naomi's Table. In this conversation, Amy and I discuss the increasingly prevalent claims of some Christians that they are receiving direct, personal revelation from God. Is God really speaking today outside of His Word through a still, small voice or dreams or visions? How can we guard against the dangers of such claims?

Ladies, pull up a chair and listen in here.

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Ladies, Pull Up a Chair and Join Us at Naomi's Table


  1. I enjoyed hearing your interview. What are your thoughts of their claims of God's "nudgings"?

    -Deborah C.

    1. Thanks, Deborah, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Had I been involved in the conversation that followed regarding so-called 'nudgings' from God, I would have taken a different stance than that which was presented. There is one thing that we know without doubt is from God, and that is His Word. To make claims beyond this can potentially lead into dangerous territory.

      Might we be compelled to do something and, in hindsight, look back and see God's providential hand carefully orchestrating the situation? Of course. But there is no need in the moment of the compulsion to label such events as divine nudges, lest we begin to seek such promptings with every decision and move that we make. When we are daily in prayer, are daily devouring His Word and seeking the truth, we can know that God has communicated to us all that we need to know to pursue a life of godliness that is pleasing and glorifying to Him.

  2. Thanks for sharing truth and taking the time to research false teachings that often are "under the radar".

  3. Sometimes thoughts occur to me. I could be driving and take a different route to my destination, or perhaps meet someone, or a contractor comes over for a bid etc.... I feel that perhaps the Holy Spirit is guiding me. Hebrews discusses that the Lord has spoken to us for the last time through Jesus Christ but we as believing and faithful Christians have received the Holy Spirit which was sent here to be our guide, our advocate, our deliverer, and much more. We are still connected through the Holy Spirit, Jesus said so and I believe that it is true.


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